Hiking in Red Rock Canyon

With 5 days in Vegas, it was hard to even know where to begin.  I think I’ll start with the non typical Vegas fun…HIKING!




The four of us (the BOY and I plus two friends from Memphis) spent last Saturday exploring Red Rock Canyon.  I was so jealous as we drove out and saw all of the runners and bikers in the dessert.  It has been a LONG time since I’ve been outside running and or biking!




Red Rock Canyon is a ~12 mile paved road in the middle of the dessert.  All along the road are paths for hiking and beautiful mountains for climbing.  I came to Red Rocks during my first Vegas trip about 8 years ago with my family.




And I was really looking forward to coming back!   




We studied the map and picked a path that was ‘easy to moderate’ with ruins of an old home and possible waterfalls.


DSCN1494 DSCN1489


The sky started out overcast, but the weather was beautiful and perfect to be out in the mountains.


DSCN1500 DSCN1502 


We walked along the path admiring the gorgeous day and interesting plants.


 DSCN1506 DSCN1508


Then climbed up some large rocks.






We chatted and posed for pictures along the way.




When the path ended (marked by a Wilderness sign, which all thought was rather obvious), we proceeded on climbing over large rocks in a riverbank.


DSCN1588 DSCN1535


While the BOY was goofing around posing for another picture, we met our first wildlife of the day.


DSCN1537 DSCN1542


Ok, not really wildlife, but we were shocked as 3 dogs came running down into the river bed.  Our new friends (the dog owners) showed us the way to another ‘path’ past the Wilderness sign.  We climbed along admiring the rock climbers edging their way up the side of the mountain.  We found a few caves to sneak into…


DSCN1563 DSCN1564


And even higher to climb!




When we finally decided to make our way back, we got a little bit lost pushing through brush and over a few more huge rocks. 




The bright side was that we accidently found a small stream and ‘waterfall’, which was what I was really looking forward to.




We did make our way out of the wilderness and by the time we found the car, the sun was shining!




It was one of my favorite days of the year!  In the middle of this frigid winter, it felt incredible to spend the day exploring the desert in the sunshine with my friends!  With MORE HIKING on my 2014 bucket list, this year looks like it’s off to a great start!



21 thoughts on “Hiking in Red Rock Canyon

    • Oh I am so jealous! I have a friend who just moved out there and I keep telling her she is missing the worst winter in years. I hope to make it out to visit her since I’ve never been to AZ. I can’t wait to read about your trip!

  1. Awesome! DH is looking at the Las Vegas area to retire (as native Californians we have both had enough of the Chi town weather). He absolutely loves to hike and backpack. Me-I just love the hike-then I want a warm shower and soft bed :-).

    • Hiking is the best. I barely got to explore outside the strip but weather wise, this is definitely the place to be. And I hear it’s not far from St. George Utah and other awesome places. I will definitely be out to visit you guys over the next few winters : )

  2. So fun! Who knew there was awesome hiking in Vegas! 🙂 Definitely will have to go next time I’m there. Glad you were able to escape the tundra and enjoy some warmer temps!

    • Me too! Are you guys having a heat wave this weekend? I’m crossing my fingers to get outside for SOME, ANY activity!

      Definitely check out the canyon on your next trip to Vegas! And I can give you some restaurant suggestions too!

  3. This sounds like such fun, and I love your pictures! It’s been too cold to go hiking here recently but it’s supposed to warm up to the 40s/50s in the upcoming days – I can’t wait to get out and get moving!

  4. Awesome!! I am so glad that you could get out of Chicago and enjoy some “better” weather! 🙂 A lot of people don’t know about Red Rock. Mt. Charleston is a great place to hike too! Can’t wait to hear more about your time in Vegas!

    • I think most people stay on the strip when it is so easy to rent a car and flee : ) It was wonderful to get out of Chicago. It’s been a brutal winter! I came back with some Vitamin D and motivation!

  5. Love all the pics! Thanks for sharing. Isn’t it so great to be able to play outside? This winter has been so brutal!

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