Oh Man!

So instead of detoxing before my trip, I spent last night preparing for sleepless nights in Las Vegas!




It started innocently enough when my brother came out to the suburbs for the weekend.  He and his fiancé arrived around 10pm and booze, games, and shenanigans followed shortly.  It all ended with an intense boy vs girl Wii bowling tournament (we lost) at 3am!!!




I am well aware that I am WAY too old to be staying up until 3am (and even more so as I struggled through my Sunday).  Interestingly, yesterday’s tennis lesson is really showing in my Wii tennis.  I was able to beat my brother in our tournament!  Luckily, we had a really quiet day planned.  We hosted my parents for brunch.  Then the BOY took a 2 hour nap while I got a pedicure.  I spent the rest of the afternoon packing for my trip and preparing for the conference.




Let me tell you who is struggling the MOST with his sleep depravation today…




Baby Cooper!  Who refused to move off of our bed and instead took a nap under the sheets!

Since I’m not doing any cooking or baking tomorrow and won’t have much to share, I am signing off for the week to head out west.  I probably should have set up some guests post for ya’ll, but I’m just not that organized : )  I will have my computer with me so maybe I can share some of the sun and fun from Las Vegas.


Enjoy the rest of the Superbowl!

19 thoughts on “Oh Man!

    • : ) I sleep like 8 hours every night so I am dragging!!!! It was definitely fun and worthwhile. I know I just have one day of work and then a long flight to catch up on my sleep!

    • I know…right?! I am really way too old for this yet it just seems to happen where you are hanging out having fun and look at your watch and think ‘Oh Man!’ How did that happen?

      I’ve got a baby kitty sleeping on my lap right now. So funny!

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