Guess What We Got Today???

If you guessed snow, then you are correct!




I didn’t get a new picture because it was dark (and cold) outside, so used a previous one of pretty, fluffy snow.  Last night, it was so cold that after work that my car almost didn’t make it up the hill out of our parking lot.  I found myself channeling the Little Engine that Could saying ‘I think I can…I think I can…’ all the way up.  Somehow I made it to the top of the hill at 20 miles per hour without getting run off the road by the people speeding past me.  Ahh!  Is winter almost over?




Speaking off winter, look who else is hiding out from the cold?  No joke…we lost Cooper and finally found his little tush hanging out from behind a blanket.  Obviously, we were laughing out loud.




I hope you guys are bundled up and staying warm!  I am off to bed since I am hoping to be up way early tomorrow for my second week of group strength training at the yoga studio.  Fingers crossed that the garage door and cars all cooperate to get me out the door.

10 thoughts on “Guess What We Got Today???

  1. This winter has been awful!! I just want to hide under a cover until spring like Cooper did. Good luck with your car. Mine has been struggling too.

    • It’s so tough to know if it will make it through the winter. I think my car is giving up on life and claiming this as it’s last winter 🙂

      Stay warm! I hear more cold is to come!

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