Bucket List 2014

I wanted to take a few days to really think hard about what I wanted 2014 to look like.  It turned into a few weeks, but at least it’s still January!  A  year ago, I was in a tough spot professionally and the stress levels were impacting my life.  Fast forward one year and life is good!  I don’t feel like I need the new start of a new year to redefine and motivate myself.  That being said, I do like the idea of setting intentions for the year ahead…something I have been doing in a notebook since before I even knew what blogging was : )


What I wasn’t sure was whether this year’s list would fit into easy categories like last year, but it seemed to come together into  to either a mind or body category.  Last year, I needed to restore some balance in my life and I am proud to say that I did.  This year, I want to learn to live the life I want to lead.  Sounds easy right?  Not always.  It is easy to try to fit into everyone else’s norms and standards, not in a peer pressure kind of way, but in a lazy or that looks easier kind of way.  This year, I want to stick to my own intentions, follow my healthy habits, and not give explanations or justifications.  Instead, I want to just be proud of the person I am.  And have some toned arms to show off!




Living Life

Reorganize (and follow) my Budget


Continue to Volunteer


Unplug Consistently


Learn a New Skill (I’m taking tennis lessons!)


Initiate Home Yoga/Meditation


Create Original Recipes


Travel to Wine Country






Make a Move

Hike More


Do an Olympic Distance Tri


Weight Train and Look/Feel Toned


Do a Century Bike Ride


Stretch Consistently (like for real)


Hello Skinny Jeans!



What are your intentions for 2014?

20 thoughts on “Bucket List 2014

  1. Is that top photo an infinity pool? It looks so inviting!
    Love your intentions, and that you’re taking tennis lessons! What wine country do you want to visit?
    I would love to get back into yoga at home, eat less sugar, and keep up my strength training. I want toned arms, too!

    • Hooray for toned arms! I’m thinking California, Oregon, or Washington. I’m not that picky but perferably something out of IL : )

      It is an infinity pool across from our hostel in Australia. It was pretty amazing!

  2. […] Now that I have shared my intentions for the year ahead with you, it’s obvious that I am planning to spend the rest of the year feeling like a Bad Ass Warrior : )  I have a feeling that 2014 will include many more yoga classes and I am already signed up for a Sun Salutation Workshop next weekend. […]

  3. My intentions are to do the things I intend to do. I’m constantly saying “one day I’ll strength train” or “one day I’ll take a career leap.” There’s no more one day. I’ll never have the time. Today’s the day and I don’t want to put things off anymore 🙂 I hope you get to wine country. Vineyards are my idea of heaven on earth. Are you thinking Napa/Sonoma or somewhere else?

  4. Great bucket list! I can’t wait to read all about your Olympic distance tri. Great goal. I did a sprint tri and felt pretty good marking it off my list. Not sure I am up to a longer distance (for the swim portion anyways). Good luck with your goals!

    • Oh the longer swim was tough but my wet suit helped me through! I hope I can find a weekend to fit one in this year. With my brother’s wedding, the weekends are filling up quickly!

  5. Love your intentions! I’m also working on following a budget and trying to unplug a bit more often. Learn a new skill… always good to push outside that comfort zone! Let me know if you have any questions about biking a century… happy to give you some pointers! 🙂

    • Yes, I will! Right now, its my schedule that is proving the biggest challenge to fit it all in : ) I do know of a fall century that will be good timing, I hope! So far I am failing the budget situation..hence the new tights : )

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