Bad Ass Warrior

This morning, I went to a yoga class in the city with some friends.  There was a sub from the typical teacher (who is unbelievable!), so we weren’t sure what to expect.  The sub was an energizing and experienced teacher.  She led us through some typical poses and encouraged us to try some new challenging poses (ie Dancer, L on the wall, and handstand).




The class was just plain FUN!

As we moved through Warrior II, the teacher pointed out that we were strong and powerful, bad ass warriors!  I loved it!  She also reminded us that as yogi’s we were kind and so that although our bodies were engaged, our hearts should stay soft.  After a morning of strength, flexibility, and self appreciation, I really did feel like one Bad Ass Warrior.




Now that I have shared my intentions for the year ahead with you, it’s obvious that I am planning to spend the rest of the year feeling like a Bad Ass Warrior : )  I have a feeling that 2014 will include many more yoga classes and I am already signed up for a Sun Salutation Workshop next weekend.




After our class, we had a delicious brunch before shopping our way down Southport.  It is very dangerous for me when both GAP and Athleta are having a sale.  I bought the cutest tights that I can’t wait to rock with my next session with my new trainer tomorrow.




If you happen to catch this post tonight, check out the 20% off sale items at Athleta!

But for now this Bad Ass Warrior is off to bed!



When do you feel ‘Bad Ass’?

Does anyone else own colorful tights?

13 thoughts on “Bad Ass Warrior

  1. OMG I need those tights, SO CUTE! I have some crazy running pants, but these are way cooler. I am loving my yoga right now’s been so beneficial to my overall day.

    • I think I”m the last to buy the funky tights (I was motivated by the girls at the yoga class yesterday) but I am super excited! I also feel bad ass (and super exhausted) after those incredibly long runs!

  2. My sis just bought those tights 🙂 So cute! I am obsessed with bright wunder unders… rarely wear black! Bad assery… woooo! I feel it the most when biking!

  3. I love those red multi colored tights! Are those the ones that you got? I feel “bad ass” after a half marathon and after my dance fitness classes…Those classes are a challenge!

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