Five for Friday XV

1.  I am so super exhausted that I will be keeping this post very brief, but after my last post about getting STUCK, I wanted to let you guys know that we are surviving this crazy weather (and the BOY and I survived a few days of carpooling together)!



2.  I can’t believe that we are already 10 days into January!  Christmas eve (photo below) seems like a distant memory from a much warmer time.





3.  The BOY is sleeping now.  I can hear him snoring in our bedroom from downstairs.  Cooper seems to be confused by this change in events.  Typically, I go to sleep first and he comes up to bed with me for a night time cuddle.  He is struggling between the bed where he loves to be with snoring or a cuddle with me downstairs.  I think that I have lost…





4.  I am still awake because I have THIS RECIPE in the crockpot, and I am not so patiently awaiting it’s completion.



5.  I am working on my bucket list for 2014. I keep thinking of things when I am not by my computer and forgetting them by the time I get home.   Maybe this is part of getting older?!



How have you spent your first 10 days in 2014?

8 thoughts on “Five for Friday XV

  1. It sounds like a crazy first 10 days for you!! Mine has been good. If these 10 days are any indicator on how fast this year is going to go..then its going to 2015 before I know it! 🙂 I’ve just been working out…working…the usual!

  2. Those pecans look amazing! Not quite sure how we’re 10 days into 2014… I’m with Leslie; it’s gonna be 2015 before we know it! I do the same thing (things of to-dos or goals when I’m not by my computer), which is why I carry my planner or phone with me all the time!

  3. […] I mentioned on Friday that I was up late waiting for my spiced nuts to be finished.  Man, they were worth the wait!  I used a crockpot liner to make easy clean up and these sweet pecans and cashews came together with very little effort.  I think I’ve been eating these nuts for every meal since I made them, and they were a huge hit at the party.  I recommend them for your next get together (make them the same day and your house will smell wonderful) or they make the perfect eatable hostess or holiday gift. […]

  4. Cooper is adorable. My poor little dog got so confused too when I was sick and in bed early. It’s funny how pets get in to a routine. Smart animals!

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