Thanks to everyone for all of your well wishes for the BOY.  Slowly, but surely, he is feeling better each day.  He definitely has more energy although he’s still coughing. 


So, this week has been a bit of a cluster…


Although I escaped on Monday and did all that I could to give our cars a fighting chance this week, the BOY and I still ended up pushing his car down the driveway, until it wedged itself half in the driveway and half in the road, blocking my car comfortably warming itself in the garage.  Needless to say, there was a tow truck involved but somehow I was only 45 minutes late for work.  I took a picture because one day this will be funny…right?




So now we are a one car household, which sounds awesome, but not so much when you live in suburbia.  It means some extra driving for me and early mornings for him (you should have seen his face when we left the house at 6:45am today).  Although I have some things to blog about, I just don’t have the energy tonight.  My brain is a bit, well, STUCK!  Hope you guys are warming up!!!

9 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. I had to kind of laugh at the photo. Not fun!
    Two cars is such a luxury we definitely take advantage of, too. When we have to share the odd day, it can be tough to work around other people’s schedules. Good luck!

    • It’s basically involved the BOY working around my schedule and him complaining about how early i wake up! I almost bought him into the office one day…it’s always an adventure!

  2. Ugh! Not fun!! Looks like the same weather we have had here. Not being use to this much snow and cold, everyone was snowed in Monday and Tuesday. On top of that, our internet was out….Frustrating!! I hope you get your car back soon. I am ready for the snow to go away!!!

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