December 31, 2013 {Tradition}

As has been the tradition over the past few years, I thought I’d document the day in time.  Also a big tradition around here, the BOY and I enjoying a quiet NYE night in with seafood and champagne (and Indiana basketball).



7:09AM-Alarm Goes Off…Hit Snooze


7:45AM-Hearty First Meal of Breakfast Stirfry




9:00AM-Work Day Begins


12:25PM-Still Working…


3:42-Arrive Home after a Snowy Drive




4:23PM-The BOY Takes a Nap

So does Cooper!




5:45PM-The BOY Wakes Up

Cooper does not!


6:15PM-Cooper Wakes Up (there is food involved)




6:35PM-We Watch the PreRecorded Indiana Basketball Game


7:45PM-Lobster Goes into the Oven (and wine is poured)


8:17PM-Dinner is Served!  This year’s menu includes, lobster, scallops, and broccoli


IMG_0865 IMG_0871


9:43PM-Let the (Wii) Games Begin

I actually beat the BOY in Mario Cart!


10:28PM-Turning on the TV and flipping through countdowns (because some of them were SO bad, we just couldn’t watch…Miley I might be talking about you!)




10:52PM-Cooper Gives Us the ‘Let’s Go to Bed Face’

11:38PM-Family Selfies are Taken!


11:57PM-The Champagne is Popped!

Yup…it’s those 2007 glasses again : )  8th year in a row!




At one point during dinner, the BOY and I went through and named all 8 of the NYE’s that we’ve spent together.  It really is a beautiful and fun tradition!





Happy Hump Day New Years!

11 thoughts on “December 31, 2013 {Tradition}

  1. Happy New Year! Love the day, and love your tradition to recall the NYEs spent together!
    Scallops are hands down my favourite seafood. They look divine!
    I got let out of work early yesterday and took a three hour nap- oops!

  2. Happy New Year! Sounds like a great evening. You go girl (winning at Mario). I am so bad at those games! We have been using the Wii Fit a lot more lately.

  3. Happy New Year, Jen!! Your night in looks fabulous. NYE sneaks up on me and I usually scramble for last minute plans. It’d be a lot less stressful if I took your lead and enjoyed the night at home (including lobster and scallops :))

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