Five for Friday XIV

1. I have to thank you guys for embracing the ‘What Does the Car Say’ question.  Your answers had me cracking up all week!


2.  My adorable little lap kitten is in his teenage pushing boundaries phase.  What does this mean?  He is looking for attention in all the wrong places (ie my cabinets), and last night when I heard an odd noise coming from the dining room, I found Cooper in a Lululemon bag on the dining room table.  I caught him as he emerged, but at first glance, all I saw was two little kitty paws peaking out the top.




Note: I am currently typing with one hand while laser pointering with the other hand in an attempt to keep him out of trouble.


3.  I got a new (free) cell phone on Cyper Monday and the BOY set it up last night.  I have no idea how to use it!


4.  As you can tell from our dining room table above, it’s finals time!  The BOY is spending his Friday night at the library (which is why I am home alone with the kitten).  I’m searching the TV for some trashy cheesy shows right now!


5.  Oh and I’m still working on that cookie list….




Mouth watering recipes to come!



What are you Friday five???

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