This, That, and Another Thing (or Two)

After a whirlwind holiday weekend filled with food, family, dreydal, more food, and a massive parade…and maybe throw in a bar crawl and some NYC love, I have returned home. 


IMG_0431 IMG_0442


Obviously, I am excited to share my stories of holiday shenanigans, but after 6 months, my fun employment has come to an end : (  Tomorrow, I am starting my new job and I had a lot to catch up on today.  Some of it boring (does anyone do as much laundry as I do?) while other things more fulfilling (I did buy another new pair of shoes at Nordstrom Rack today).  And got in a 4 mile run along the path this morning before ending my errands at the grocery store.  The BOY is in the midst of finals and I am starting a totally new schedule, but we gave meal planning a go for this week, but kept it simple.


Meal Plan 12/02/13

Monday: Fajita Night


Tuesday: Cherry BBQ Crockpot Pulled Chicken


Wednesday: Leftovers


Thursday: Pork Tenderloin and Broccoli


Friday: TBD





The pulled chicken was super easy.  Just place 1 cup of BBQ sauce (preferably awesome and from Door County) in the bottom of your crockpot.  Add two chicken breasts and cook on low.  When chicken is tender and starting to pull apart, shred with two forks and let heat in pot for another 30 minutes.  Mmmmm!




I definitely missed the BOY while I was gone, but couldn’t believe how big (and heavy) Cooper looked when I got back last night.  After he thoroughly inspected my bags, we wasted no time assuming our cuddled up position on the couch!




On a blog related note, I came home to 197 messages in my SPAM, so I obviously didn’t read through all of them.  I apologize if you left me a message that got lost in Spam Land.


And one last thing to share (I promise because I have to go to bed early and if I keep sharing we could be here all night), I entered the 2014 NYC Marathon Lottery today.  Fingers crossed and I’ll be running through all 5 boroughs next November.



15 thoughts on “This, That, and Another Thing (or Two)

    • It was a pretty easy transition, except for the waking up part. My commute is SO much easier and the day goes by quickly. I know as I build up my caseload things will get busier, so for now I am enjoying the honeymoon phase!

  1. We make barbecue chicken the same way. I will have to get some of that BBQ sauce next time I get to Door County! Good luck on getting in to NY marathon. That would be so much fun!!

    • Yes, we LOVE cherry BBQ sauce and bought an extra bottle which I was lucky to find in the pantry! This was the first time making it and I know we will do it again! It’d be awesome in BBQ chicken quiesadillas : )

  2. […] What I realized from tonight’s situation is that meal planning is hard and sometimes I just want to throw in the towel and say forget about it.  But ultimately, I know that I feel better when I’m planning meals ahead of time because they are balanced and energizing, I spend less money eating out, and I do enjoy trying new recipes and sharing them with you.  I also discovered that a quick grocery store trip for some basics (I was in and out in 20 minutes), can be enough to prepare me for the week ahead.  It’s good to stock up on pre made options and chopped veggies, and it’s best to have a few GO TO recipes that you know from memory.  When in doubt, 2 Ingredient Crockpot Chicken never disappoints and you can make it with salsa or BBQ sauce.  […]

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