Yesterday was my third time volunteering for St. Jude this year and every experience has been so different and fun.  Yesterday, the volunteers were the support behind the St. Jude Dream a Little Dream fashion show and raffle.  The event hosted around 1500 guests and raised money and awareness for the children of St. Jude…perfect timing to kick off the Thanks and Giving Campaign.



View from my first apartment in Memphis 2006


I remember when I learned about the campaign about 7 years ago as a St. Jude employee.  Since then, the support for the campaign has grown (who hasn’t seen the logo at your local Target or sporting store?) and today is the 10 year anniversary of its start.  The video’s on this website are priceless and well worth checking out this week!




This time of year, and this week in particular, when many of us have off of work, are traveling, and planning for the holiday season ahead, there is plenty of time to reflect on the joys and gifts in our lives and give back to those in our community in need of financial, emotional, and physical support.  Starting off the week by donating my time and energy to this local event in support of a wonderful cause was the BEST way to kick off my Thanksgiving week.


 IMG_4676 IMG_4678

Last week on the job 2008


And remind me how lucky I am to have a strong partner, an adorable kitten, a healthy family, generous friends, a job that I love and challenges me, four walls and a roof, heat in the winter, strength to run 26.2 miles, amazing cousins, an active 101 year old grandfather, trips to Israel, a bookshelf full of books, opportunities for growth, clean water from my faucets, laughter and love!




I will be taking all of this appreciation with me as my family hits the road (yup we’re driving) to New York tomorrow night.  I know Thanksgiving is all about the food, but for me, I’m more excited to spend this quality time with my family and our close friends on the east coast!  But before I go, I want to wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thank You and Keep on Giving!



What does #ThanksandGiving mean to you?

9 thoughts on “#ThanksandGiving

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Jen! Obviously I’m super happy to see you had such a fun day volunteering at St. Judes. I didn’t know you worked there too. Working with kids would definitely be a cause close to my heart 🙂 Drive safe and have a fantastic Thanksgiving!!

  2. Have a wonderful thanksgiving, Jen! And, safe travels to New York! Love how you started out your week, too… such a fantastic organization!

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