Five for Friday XIII {FunEmployment Edition}

1.  I have worked out 5 days in a row and it has been awesome!  Cheers to fun employment!





Tuesday-3 mile run

Wednesday-4.5 mile run

Thursday-Muscle Pump




2.  I think we kind of lost meal planning mid week, but I blame that on fun employment too.



3.  I had coffee with a friend this week (mid day coffee…heck yeah fun employment) who asked me if our cat liked people.  I explained to her that Cooper and I fall asleep in each others arms at night, until the BOY comes to bed and Cooper is removed) and she smiled and admitted that she too spoons with her dogs.  I think I have entered the realm of true pet owner now.  I’m thinking a T shirt that says ‘I cuddle with my cat’ is the only appropriate next step!





4. I am making my way through the longest to do list EVER.  Slowly but surely, I’m getting things done (like cleaning up our third bedroom and updating my address book), yet the list keeps going on and on!  Is it wrong to be excited to have time to actually do this during fun employment?!  We’ll see what else I can get done before we leave for New York.



5. It’s been ages since the BOY and I sat down for a homemade Friday night dinner.  So I was excited to try out a new recipe for Honey Mustard Pretzel Chicken tonight.  I didn’t pan fry the panko or pound down the chicken so dinner came together quickly and it was delicious!  I’m hoping with my new work schedule that there will be many more homemade Friday night dinners in 2014!





What would you do during your fun employment week?

What did you make for dinner tonight?

13 thoughts on “Five for Friday XIII {FunEmployment Edition}

  1. I also spoon with my dog nightly. I call him “my gut sleeper”. If I am not in proper position, he annoys me until I conform. That chicken sounds awesome to me but the husband would have no part in it!! He is frightened by mustard!!

    • I used to hate mustard too! If you don’t put any on top, you’d never know there was any because of the honey and vinegar. Or you’ll just have to save it for girls night in : ) Love how pets have their way of training us!

  2. I totally spoon my dog too. It’s okay to admit. It just means you’re the best pet parent ever and Coop’s a lucky kitty 😉
    So, as you know, I’m totally envious of your funemployment, so it’s been fun to watch you plug along and enjoy some time off. If I was funemployed, I would hike with my mom and dog every morning then catch up on family gossip over coffee, go for a run and spend hours in the kitchen making amazing dinners. So basically, exactly what you’re doing, ha ha.

  3. Your week sounds awesome! So nice to have time to clean those rooms that get neglected and have a coffee date with a friend!
    I spoon with Harold every night. Actually, when we go away I freeze without his body heat!

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