The Start of Cold Weather Running

Cold weather running weather is here (insert sigh of sadness here).

Between the weather and the time change, it’s been tougher for me to get out and run in the mornings.  It’s not all bad, but since I run alone, I won’t go until the sun is up.  And yesterday, my phone guestimated the temperature at 22 degrees.  I initially decided that it was too cold to be out and got dressed to run indoors along the track.  When I saw that my car was iced over and knew by the time it thawed, I wouldn’t have time to make it to the gym, I walked straight back into the house to add some layers (and sunglasses).  The sun helped warm me up quickly as I strode along the leaf filled path for 3 miles. 




This morning, I didn’t have a plan for my workout, so when I saw the sun shining and the warm 30 something degree temps, I bundled back up for another run.




I ran about 4.5 miles with no pace in mind, just happy to be out and running in the sunshine.  As I was trotted along this morning, I started thinking about cold weather running.  Two things came to mind…


Number 1

My new job comes with it a new schedule.  I am not sure that I will have time to run outdoors in the mornings (this usually happens in the winter), so it will be time to transition indoors, which means intervals.  I did well with this last winter and I think it’s one reason I achieved a few PR’s this year.  I’m hoping to find some new interval training workouts to try this winter.  Any ideas to share???


Number 2

Winter running gear!  Which got me thinking about this post by Abby.  Abby sees way more cold days than I do, so she has some great tips for Winter Running and Winter Running Gear.  It’s not winter yet, but I know snowy runs are just around the corner.  I have a decent amount of workout gear, but definitely need to invest in some new gloves.  Any ideas to share???


In other workout news (aka more thoughts from running), I decided that I am not a huge fan of my new trainer and am looking for another.  In the mean time, I’m going to try out some strength classes at the park district and continue to do hot yoga.  Tonight was the first night in (well, I don’t know how long) that the BOY and I were both home before 6pm and decided to head out for dinner.  We went to the local pub which happens to have awesome salads.  The pre planned turkey burgers will have to wait…




On one last note, last night, I had the most adorable assistant blogger.




Who fell asleep on the job!

I had a busy day today and am also planning to fall asleep on the job.

Good Night!

15 thoughts on “The Start of Cold Weather Running

  1. I bet hot yoga feels good after those cold runs!!! I just signed up for the Santa Hustle Half Marathon next month and am beginning to wonder what I have gotten myself into. I am soooo not a cold weather runner!!!

    • OMG! And you never know what the temps will be like. I did a half marathon after Thanksgiving last year and it was FREEZING that morning. The BOY asked me to hang up my shoes for the season earlier this year : ) Good luck!!! I’m thinking a January or February half marathon….in Arizona!

  2. I don’t like cold weather runs but I am waiting to see what happens next-I broke my foot last week and am in “THE BOOT” . It is better than crutches – somehow I am not nearly coordinated enough for those (I was sure that there would be another injury if I had to keep using them).
    The glove thing confounded me last winter too. You want your fingers warm but not too warm.. I would sometimes wear 2 pair so I could take 1 off when I got warmed up. I have some down mittens that are pretty neat though.

    • Oh no Debi I am so sorry! What happened?
      I hope that you are healing quickly! I definitely was thinking yesterday that mittens were the way to go. What brand do you have? Feel better and I hope to see you soon!

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing my links! We’ve been in a serious deep freeze the last couple days!
    Those first cold runs are always a bit of a shock to the system! How cute is cooper’s fur?!

  4. Your assistant is SO precious. =) And good for you for still getting out and running in that chilly weather. I have no motivation to walk/job when it’s cold out, but I no longer have a gym membership, so I basically just do yoga (in a studio once a week and at home every other day). It’s not the greatest workout schedule, but I’m trying to make it work!

  5. Oddly enough, I enjoy winter running. It’s so invigorating and if you’re dressed properly, it isn’t even cold! What kind of bike trainer did you get? We have Kinetics and love them! Just bought our second, and it’s much quieter and smoother than the old one.

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