Lately I’ve Been (III)…

Forgetting that I have a blog


Planning my holiday baking




Saying goodbye to my old job


Baking bread (recipes to come)


Spending Saturday nights with anatomy books




Not exercising consistently


Forgetting to put my snow scraper in my car before the first snow fall




Celebrating the BOY’s birthday!


Thinking about holiday gifts


Keeping Cooper busy




Staying up WAY past my bed time


Making plans for my time off next week



Long time…no chat!  What’s up with you?

10 thoughts on “Lately I’ve Been (III)…

  1. I was wondering where you were 😉 Sounds like you’ve been keeping busy and having fun! Hope the last week at your old gig went well! Enjoy your downtime next week!

    I started my Christmas shopping a few weeks ago, the earliest ever for me!

    • I really like shopping for other people so I find it fun, especially before the crowds kick in.

      I worked last week and then went out of town for cont ed Friday through Sunday and then was back at work Monday through Thursday. It was nuts trying to prepare mentally and physically for my last days, but I think I’m in a good place! Hoping to get to yoga this morning and back out and running soon!

  2. You have been busy! Happy birthday to the boy!
    That sucks you forgot your scraper before the first snow! I only made that mistake once…and never again since! Hope you’re decompressing after your last day at work.

    • Thanks! We had a wedding last night with lots of fun and craziness so now I am truly unwinding. Tomorrow I can begin unpacking bags and boxes from my office. So I still haven’t put hte scraper in my car and need to find it and do that NOW!

  3. I have been forgetting about my blog too….but in a good way. The vacation way! Sometimes it is nice to take a break!

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