In the Moment…

Do you ever have the goal to just make it through the day???


That was me today yesterday!


Right in the middle of transitioning jobs, I have a 3 day intense continuing ed course this weekend.  On top of that, I had a fantastic dinner date with some old coworkers Monday night that went way into the night.  And not because we were watching the Bears beat Green Bay (you didn’t think I wouldn’t mention that…did you?), but because we just a lot to catch up on.  Throw in a time change and I am beat!  And let me tell you, even when you are beat, you need to be on your game to keep up with the kids I work with!


I did not do any strength training this week. I cancelled this morning’s session with the trainer to prep for the course and ended up going into work early on Tuesday.  I also haven’t run.  Although I have wanted to, there has plenty to get done around the house as I am cleaning out my old desk, moving even more papers into our office, and getting ready for another professional conference in February.


So it’s not too surprising then that when the BOY called last night to say that he had lit our dinner (beer can chicken) and the grill on fire (true story) that I suggested taking a gift card to our favorite restaurant for an evening out and some time together.  We had a lot to celebrate with the BOY completing some successful internship interviews.  It’s also not surprising that we slept in this morning, and I spent the time before work getting myself pulled together for the weekend ahead.


I will be heading out of town (about 90 minutes west) for the conference (Sans computer but with plenty of textbooks), so I’ll see you on the flip side of the weekend!


Ps I loved all of your responses and November/December goals!  This week, I am giving myself an A for ‘Living in the Moment.’

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