It’s Holiday Season!

Hip Hip Hooray!

Bring on the fun, food, and family!


IMG_0366 IMG_0367


The next 8 weeks will be a blur of activity with weddings, Thanksgiving, continuing ed, Hanukkah, finals, new jobs, and Christmas.  Barely any time to breath, but plenty of time for excitement!




Since this time of year is so super duper busy, I thought I would pile my November and December goals together and keep them focused on my overall goal for healthy living!



First Stop…


October Goals

1. Stay Healthy-Check

2. Sleep Often-Done

3. Run Smart-Yup

4. PR!-Did it!


My other goal was to not eat any candy corn until Halloween.  A tough challenge for me, but I did it!  And still haven’t had any.  This is probably the first time in 30 years that I can say that.



Moving On…


November and December Goals

1. Eat Clean

-More veggies, less starch

-No processed crap


2. Train Dirty

-Strength train at least 2xweek

-Try new classes (ie trampoline, barre)

-Go to yoga weekly


3. Live life to the fullest!

-Stay present to appreciate even the small moments



Are you setting goals this holiday season?

What are they?

22 thoughts on “It’s Holiday Season!

  1. You encouraged me to set a couple goals this month! Like you, I need to get back on the yoga train STAT. I also need to focus on my work/life balance 😉 I should probably start strength training too, but baby steps. Maybe i’ll throw that on my list for next month. You did great in October… keep the momentum going! And have some candy corn while you’re at it. I think you have more than earned some treats.

    • I sure have!
      And did a lot of baking this weekend : )

      So happy that you are setting new goals. You know that I’ve struggled with the balance a bunch and made it my goal for 2013 to get that under control. I’ve written a few posts about it too because I learned that the writing helps me understand why I feel the way I do and what I need to do to make some changes. Anyways, best of luck for an awesome Nov/Dec!

  2. No candy corn? That just seems WRONG!!! 🙂 I hope you find some new classes that you like these next 2 months. I highly recommend any type of dance fitness class that you might find. We now have 3 to choose from in our area which is great!!

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