Five Things Explained on Saturday

1. Yes I love Pinterest, but even more exciting…I quit my job!


Remember when I admitted that I need to make a change at the start of summer?!  Well it worked out wonderfully!  It allowed me to focus on non work related interests, like running a marathon, and spend more time with the BOY.  We adopted a kitten, and I’ve spent plenty of time getting to know him.  During this time, I also started to work a second job part time and when a full time position became available this fall, I was excited to accept it.  My last day at my current job is in two weeks, and after 5 years, it will be hard to say goodbye.  Then I will have a little time off before starting full time at my new job (which by the way cuts my commute in half) in December.



2. I worked again Friday night and after a long week, I’m feeling pretty run down.  I’m not sure if it is the physical or emotional stress (possibly both), but I was thrilled to be spending Friday night in curled up with the BOY and of course Cooper.  It worked out well since the BOY had an important test today and I was running an 8 mile race.





3. I want to do a little something for my coworkers before I go who have admitted that yes they’ll miss me, but even more, they will miss my baking.  So I headed off to target to get supplies for candies!  We now have new flannel sheets and much, much more!  Target does equal happiness!



Recycled picture, but man I HEART Target!



4. Ok, big goal ahead.  Getting to the gym!

I have been exercising and running consistently, but I really want to start lifting some heavy weights.  It does sound good when you tell your friends or coworkers that you went to the ‘Jim’ in the morning.  With my new work schedule in December, I think I can make it happen 2 mornings a week.



5. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!

Now that we’ve passed Halloween, I am starting to get excited.  And even more so because we are heading to New York again this year!  I’m counting down the days!





BTW, if this confuses you, check out yesterday’s post!

A huge congrats to Brittany who took my challenge and knows me SO WELL…she aced it!

15 thoughts on “Five Things Explained on Saturday

  1. Whoop! BIG congrats to you on your new gig! Cutting your commute in half is huge! You’re gonna love the extra free time 🙂 Also, Target… my favorite store, too! Hope the eight-miler went well!

    • Erin, it went way better than expected! So sad to have my last race of the season behind me but excited to look forward to 2014.

      The new job has me more excited than I’ve been in a long time! Lots of emotions as I say goodbye to my patients, but new opportunities await!

      Ps at my race today I heard runners raving about the Minneapolis marathon. Since it’s my goal to make it to MN, I will def check it out!

  2. Congratulations on your new job! So exciting, and even moreso with with a shorter commute! That can truly drain a person. That’ll be awesome to be in NY for thanksgiving! You have a lot to look forward to!

    • I really do!
      The new job has be excited and looking forward to good things ahead. It will be an amazing growth opportunity for me! And NY with the fam for thanksgiving is always a BLAST!

  3. Congratulations!! I had no idea about the new job! A shorter commute is a blessing!! NYC for the family will be great I need to make a trip there sometime soon I usually make it once or twice a year. This year I’ve only been once and just for the day! 😦

    • I think this is my first time getting out there this year. I love NY and can’t wait to spend a week out there with my family! Although the car trips are always funny with 4 grown adults in one car. The job is exciting and because I”ve been there part time I have a good idea of waht to expect. I can’t wait to cut my commute in half!!! Thanks for the comment!

  4. Whoa! Congrats on your new job!! How exciting for you. Gotta love less time on the road. NYC is my favorite. I am totally jealous! I have never been there during Thanksgiving!

  5. Congratulations on your new job!!! Although it’s not to sit around pinning all day, I’m sure it’s equally as fabulous. And the shorter commute will give you so much time back for yourself (okay,and the boy and the kitty too). Win-win-win 🙂 Can I ask what prompted the job change? If it’s on the down low, you can email me 😉 I’m kind of going through an antsy time career wise.

    • Yea girl!
      I will shoot you an email with more detail. It’s such a tough time and not easy to talk about with coworkers. I totally get it! So excited for my decreased commute! Yesterday as I was sitting on the highway in traffic, I was counting down the days!

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