Five For Friday XII {ECard Edition}

I thought it would be funny to share my 5 things for Friday by comic and post the captions (with explanations) tomorrow.  In the mean time, feel free to share your guesses in the comments.  Some may be obvious while others more of a stretch : )



 Funny Confession Ecard: I really want to quit my job just so I can stay at home all day and do all the things I pin on Pinterest...




Funny Pets Ecard: My cat and I have decided to stay in tonight.








I went to the jim first thing in the morning. #exercise #humor




Funny Thanksgiving Ecard: Endless hours watching the Food Network has fully prepared me to sit around watching you cook this Thanksgiving.

6 thoughts on “Five For Friday XII {ECard Edition}

  1. You quit your job!?!? BUT YOU HAVE A NEW ONE!? Ohhh so much to find out today..!!

    1. OK So I guess you quit your job and maybe spent a few days relaxing.
    2. You are like me, and enjoy staying in on Friday night with your furry children because going out late is wayyyy overrated.
    3. You spent too much this week at Target…
    4.It’s been a while since you’ve made it to the gym..but have you been running? That counts!
    5.In your free time away from not going to the gym and browsing Pinterest you are also watching hefty amounts of food on TV! HA!

    DID I WIN!?

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