A Shake Out Run and Throwback Thursday

It looked like a Halloween kind of day today.

Which means that I would have loved to stay in bed.  And with my adorable kitten curled up in my arms, I did end up staying in bed a little too long this morning.  When I finally decided that I was going to brave the drizzle, there was another gust of rain.




When I took this picture, I couldn’t believe that the leaves have changed color again.  In the end, the rain stopped and I was able to run a slow 3ish miles on a warm, humid morning.  It was meant to be a shake out run before Saturday’s 8 Mile Hustle, but in reality it was a pretty labored run with sore calves and glutes from Tuesday’s strength workout.  I swear I did 500 dead lifts with at least 500 pounds on the bar.  Or at least it felt that way!  We’ll just have to see what happens on Saturday.  Luckily, I have no expectations for the run except to have fun!


I didn’t have too much planned for Halloween today, except work!

So I thought a Throwback Thursday of Halloween’s past would be fitting!




Halloween 2012 Costume


Halloween 2012 AH MAZE ING Pumpkin Dip!


Halloween 2011 Sugar Cookies


Halloween working at a Children’s Hospital






And of course a throwback photo of me and a Jack-o-Lantern from the early 80’s!





How did you celebrate Halloween?


8 thoughts on “A Shake Out Run and Throwback Thursday

  1. Good luck tomorrow-HAVE FUN!! That is really why we do this for-FUN. Marathons aside these shorter runs are fun-the excitement in the air and all the people! So just enjoy yourself-and inspire someone along the way-the runner you encourage may have been ready to quit! I always find runners to be the nicest most generous people around.

    • That was beautifully said/written Debi! Thank you!
      I a definitely running for fun and hot cider tomorrow and love being a part of the running community! Fingers crossed for a dry morning!

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