Post Marathon Training and Plans



There are no post marathon blues in this house.  Mostly this is because I was already thinking about and planning for ‘What’s Next?’ during my taper.  The taper drives a lot of us runners crazy, and so I used my extra time to think about what I wanted to do after the marathon.  Top on my list…strength training!


So I enlisted the help of an expert.  A new (to me but seasoned and skilled) personal trainer who works with athletes to improve strength and speed. 

My main goals are to…

1. Improve my core and glute strength for running

2. Lose some fat

3. Tone my arms and back (my brother is getting married next summer and the bridesmaids’ dresses are most likely strapless…enough said!)


I took an entire week off from activity after the marathon before lacing up my sneakers this past Monday.  Tuesday was my first session with the trainer.  We did some strength and flexibility exercises and then he took me into my anaerobic zone…a place that my body seems to hate.  I’m wondering if this is typical of slow and steady runners like myself.  By Wednesday (my day off), I was back to walking down the stairs backwards.  I was sore from head to toe minus my neck and calves.  Luckily, my coworkers are used to seeing me moving slowly after the marathon and didn’t notice too much.  Thursday after work, it was back for training session number 2.  Knowing that I was still sore from session 1, he took it easy on me but made sure to fry out my arms and back (toned arms, here I come!).  As is the tradition, we ended with 6 long sprints.  I am working on my sprinting form but right now, it’s not pretty!  Friday, I was sore again but much more so in my arms.  I knew I needed to keep moving to avoid stiffening up so I went for a beautiful 5 mile jog.  It felt like I was running with cement on my feet and I certainly didn’t look like a sub 4 marathoner, but it felt wonderful to be outside on a gorgeous fall day running without the clock.




Last night, I crashed hard into bed as if I was still in full marathon training mode.  This morning, I was still a bit sore, but ready for another run.  I did 6 miles at a slow but comfortable pace which ended up averaging just under 9:30 minute miles.  Afterwards, I went straight for the foam roll while Cooper played with my toes.  Did you know you can foam roll your triceps?  It’s not easy (or attractive) but was necessary after Thursdays arm workout.




Next weekend, I am running the Hot Cider Hustle 8 Miler and although I have no time expectations (this is just for fun because I wasn’t ready for my season to be over after the marathon), I want to feel strong and enjoy the day.  For that reason, I’m planning on a few more easy mid range runs next week and just 1 training session early in the week.  Hoping that will allow me to recover by Saturday.  I’m also hoping to make it to a yoga class tomorrow, but it’s possible after this week, I may not want to set a Sunday morning alarm.


So…my winter game plan (and goal) is at least 2 days a week strength training and getting back to weekly yoga.  Next up on my wellness agenda…focusing on a clean eating plan with plenty of protein to help me feel (and look) stronger.



Do you change up your fitness routine for winter?

What’s up next for you?

If you live some place warm where this is not necessary…I’m jealous!

16 thoughts on “Post Marathon Training and Plans

  1. This sounds like a great idea! I wanted to start doing some strength training leading into my next marathon in January. It can only make us stronger!! 🙂 I am working on running this winter and I will start Ironman training in January.
    The 8 miler is going to be so fun!! It will go by super fast!!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun to work that hard with the trainer!! Ha- i’m trying to imagine foam rolling my triceps 🙂
    I actually just had someone create a six-week program for me. I have anaerobic work in each session, too. I thought I was going to pass out today in my first one!

      • I’m not quite sure what the goals are 🙂 He knows what I do so wants me to work on more power and speed to help me get stronger in endurance. He also has me working on all my weaknesses- hamstrings, hips, glutes, and shoulders. It’ll be interesting, but hard. It’s a good off-season challenge!

    • Oh I miss spin class! I think it is fantastic cross training! I’m hoping to find a good class in my area! You are so brave to do the Polar Bear Series. That is way too cold for me!

  3. Don’t you kind of love the soreness though? It is so different than the soreness I get from running. It lets me know that I did the moves right. I am bad at doing anything else but running so I relish the pain from any other workout!

    • I am bad at doing most other workouts (I do love to bike) and agree it is a good soreness. Except this time I was seriousy sore every where and every time I moved. I would have been ok with just sore leg or just sore arms : ) Heading back again today. We’ll see how it goes!

  4. GREAT idea! We’re on the same page, too… my coach is having me focus on strength training twice a week. One session, and it’s quite obvious my ROM is terrible… not to mention how sore I am! But, it will definitely help both of us be stronger athletes! 🙂

    • I’m so happy that Im not the only one who is crazy sore. I can’t move 2 days after a session. What’s up with that?

      Are you doing your own strength or working with a trainer? Any good workouts to share?

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