Walking Down the Stairs Backwards

And other random thoughts post 26.2


half marathon


Confession: I read most of Hal Higdon’s book, but the week before the marathon, I was so darn sleepy that I wasn’t reading at all before bed.  Which means…that I didn’t read his chapter about immediate post race happenings (titled humorously and appropriately The 27th Mile) or the last chapter, whose title I don’t even know but I’m assuming involves what I should be doing this week.


Instead, I am winging it and basically walking down the stairs backwards!  I woke up Monday more with intense stiffness through both of my quads.  For the most part, my other sore areas (back, shoulders, lower legs) felt ok, but my quads hurt rolling over to get out of bed.  I moved slower than my 101 year old grandfather that morning and was beginning to question why I hadn’t taken the day off from work.  In the end, work was exactly what I needed,  minus the squatting and stairs, walking around felt great.  Plus everyone’s encouragement helped me ride out the last of my runner’s high!


By Tuesday, the high was gone and the quad soreness remained.  I took the stairs backwards, two at a time, and even crawled at one point.  It was comical to my coworkers who think I am crazy for running a marathon in the first place.  Although my body was recovering, my tummy was still a bit off.  I was crazy hungry but nothing tasted good. I’d eat a bite of peanut butter and a bite of cracker, followed by a sip of chocolate milk, and a nibble on some veggie burger.  The only two things that I craved…tootsie rolls and tater tots!  Not surprisingly, the BOY was more than happy to whip up an unhealthy dinner of tater tots and curly fries Monday night.  By Tuesday, I was eating a little more but still couldn’t finish a bowl of oatmeal.  We had NO food since the marathon expo and race took over my entire weekend, so I went to Panera to pick up lunch on Tuesday plus a loaf of bread for the next day and of course a cookie…those I was able to eat just fine : )  Each day after that, my appetite returned and I carried tootsie rolls and dried fruit for post lunch munchies!


Image courtesy of Team-Sparkle.com


Since I haven’t been running this week, it’s been lovely sleeping in and really having a laid back week!  There has been plenty of people to share my marathon story with and of course plenty of reflection on this year’s training, plus insight for races ahead.  Will I do another marathon???


I’m not sure!  I may be retired…until I get into New York that is!


Funny TV Ecard: The only marathons I participate in are the Law and Order kind.


So I guess the jury is still out on that one.  I’d love to run New York,  not for time, but for fun because I LOVE NYC!  And if I do find myself training for another 26.2, a few things to remember.  Number 1, I need to do more core and glute strength.  My glutes got really tired around mile 20.  They need to be stronger to support a long run, like a marathon.  Number 2, my parents need a balloon.  It’s much easier to pick out than a face amongst the crowd.  Number 3, my family needs oranges.  Once I find them, I want oranges.  Number 4, have a back up watch besides Garmin, just in case there are a bunch of tunnels, which New York may have!


Until then, I’ve got shorter races to run.  Up next…the Hot Cider Hustle 8 Miler on November 2nd.  I figured after a week off from running, it’d be good to get back to it before winter comes.


Also on my agenda…searching Pinterest for motivating quotes (as seen above) and mouth watering recipes, sleeping in, catching up on DVR, and oh yeah…I got bangs!



Apparently, my mom couldn’t figure out when this picture was taking.  Considering I haven’t had bangs since age 12, I’m not sure why she was so confused.  Post marathon, I thought they might work since I’m not running 4-5 days per week.  We’ll see what happens!  And one last thing on the books…a massage/facial on Sunday morning.  Woo Hoo!



What do you do to recover after a marathon?

Couldn't have said it better myself!


20 thoughts on “Walking Down the Stairs Backwards

  1. This is the way I felt as well- except on Wednesday I had to walk around disney world so on Thursday I had no muscle soreness anymore. Walking definitely helped and all I wanted to eat was everything salty!

  2. Love your bangs, And glasses, really cute. Its so funny that we plan our haircuts styles around running. Mine are side swept and are pretty grown so I can tie them un my Ponytail for running. Enjoy your haircut, little changes like that makes us so happy!!

    • They do make me so happy but I may be emailing you for suggestions once I start running again! The glasses were a last minute add on from Charming Charlie. I had to get them because I thought they completed my updated look! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Ha ha- I love that you’re walking down the stairs backwards! (I don’t know why I’ve never thought of that before?!)
    And I love the bangs!!
    Your supper of tater tots sounds delicious! I say go with what tastes good right now!
    Enjoy your massage and facial!!

    • I am counting down the hours until my massage and facial. It’s been an awesome week of nothingness but I am ready to get back to running again.

      Someone had to tell me about the stairs. You’d think as a PT I could have come up with that one on my own.

  4. I love the bangs! Looks so cute. That is amazing how running 26.2 can affect your appetite like that. I believe it though. I know how I feel after a half but it only lasts for a day.

  5. The only thing I want to eat post-race is French fries and a big juicy burger 🙂 Hope your tummy is feeling better!

    LOVE your bangs! And, crossing my fingers you get into NYC! It’s on my bucket list, too 🙂

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