Marathon {A Running Poem}

At mile 25, you hate yourself for signing up.  It sounded like a good idea 8 months ago!

You hate yourself for skipping that long run and you hate yourself for drinking that extra beer.

You hate your running shorts that feel too tight and you hate your shoes that are too over or maybe it’s under supportive.

You hate the fact that marathon isn’t 25 miles from, what is it…Athens?  And you hate yourself for not paying enough attention in high school social studies to know for sure who even completed that run.

You hate the heat, the sun, and the rain.

You hate the guy that you see who has already finished, medal around his neck, and you hate the girl who has never even dreamed of running a marathon drinking a mimosa on the side of the road.

You hate the fact that you have no music and you hate more the annoying song stuck in your head.


Yet 1 mile later, when you lunge head first towards that finish line with one finger ready to press stop on your watch, you fall in love…


You love your strong and capable legs and your powerful heart.

You love your family and friends waiting in the heat, sun, and rain to cheer you to the finish.

You love your training log and bright yellow highlighter used to check off each run.

You love the man who just put a medal around your neck and the woman who hands you a 312 beer.

You love the view from the finish line and the PR flashing on your watch.

You love the way the city skylines looks in the distance and the fact that you ran through most of its neighborhoods.

You love how hard you’ve worked to get here and that adorable new marathon sweat shirt you bought at the expo.


Your heart is so full and the only part of your body that doesn’t hurt.  Before you even sit down to loosen your shoes and catch your breath, you are already planning your next race!

21 thoughts on “Marathon {A Running Poem}

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVEEE! This is so true for me and my half marathons. You’re accomplishment is sooo much bigger, but I sorta kinda get it! Amazing job again my friend, your hard work payed off big time!

  2. Beautiful! I agree with it all, especially how you can hate everything. Why is the sun out? Why is it cloudy?, etc, etc.
    On the marathon portion of Ironman Canada we were running by a stunning green mountain lake and there was a small sea plane landing on it. Pretty cool, right? I remember thinking how annoying the sound was instead of taking in the beauty of it!
    I love, love, love the second last sentence. Just beautiful!

    • Thank you so much for your enthusiasm! It came to me during a training run and I’ve been sitting on it trying to decide if I had enough guts to share it.

      I can totally picture the sea place. I’d prob be annoyed that I wasn’t on it enjoying the gorgeous view!

  3. I always get a little hateful when I see finishers walking the other way on the course with their medals on already!! I can relate!!


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