Pain is Temporary-Internet results are Forever!

This title was stolen from one of my favorite signs during today’s marathon!  It was one of the best along with some of the funnier ones comparing the government to a marathon and a huge knock on Jay Cutler.




Despite being in pain from head to toe, I wanted to pop in quickly and say a HUGE thank you to all of my blog readers, friends, and family who cheered me on through 26.2 miles (and then celebrated with me afterwards!).  It was your support and encouragement that pushed me through a challenging last 4 miles to an unofficial time of 3:54:17.  A 6 minute PR!


Expect a full marathon recap later in the week when I’ve caught up on sleep!

31 thoughts on “Pain is Temporary-Internet results are Forever!

    • I can’t wait to share the deets! Right now I am in the eating non stop walking down stairs backwards phase : ) I give you mad respect for doing the Ironman…I can’t even imagine!

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