T Minus 36 Hours

I’ve only been to a few race expos in my day, but the Chicago Marathon is by far one of the best.  Two years ago, my Mom and I had a BLAST at the expo.  She left with some snazzy new shoes!  It did not take any help to convince her to come with me to volunteer at the St. Jude booth at the expo this morning.




The expo started at 9 and because of some added security, we needed to be there early enough to get checked in.  The BOY and I commuted downtown together on the train.  Definitely a change for him to have someone so chatty early Friday morning!  I met up with my mom outside the train station and bid the BOY goodbye as he walked over to work.




We had a little trouble with our shuttle situation, but found the St. Jude booth easily, just after 9am.  We got all set up and started passing out signs, stickers, and meeting all of the runners and their families.


IMAG3622 IMAG3624


After a few hours on our feet talking with everyone we saw, I was exhausted!  I definitely got busted by some of the runners taking a break to sit down with my feet up and eat an almond butter sandwich.




Then it was our turn to go exploring!






We packed up plenty of SWAG in our new SWAG bags.  And of course my Mom found some awesome shoes to try, while I picked up an overpriced (but totally awesome) bright yellow Chicago Marathon 2013 long sleeved Nike top.




After the expo, and probably more time on my feet than prescribed, I taxied back towards the train station where my Mom and I grabbed some food, a cold drink, and then I walked over to meet the BOY on the train, where I crashed into him for the ride home.




The expo today got me psyched for the race…I’m still in shock that it is finally here…especially speaking with all of the other runners.  It also got the butterflies fluttering about in my stomach.  With T minus 36 hours to go…here are my last minute thoughts about race day:

My feet are a bit sore.  Probably not the best idea to spend all day on my feet but it was totally worth it to support St. Jude and all of the other runners before the race.

I keep finding other sore areas which make me really nervous for aches and pains on race day.

I feel like I trained well, but I don’t know how I will feel on race day.  I’ve run 26 miles before, so I know that I can do this.  But I remember saying that it was the hardest thing that I’ve ever done.  Will my mind be strong enough on Sunday to push through?  Or will aches and pains get the best of me?  I fear as sophomore slump.

I keep thinking about my strategy for Sunday and I’m hoping that this mental prep will help me PR.

Thanks to Hal Higdon’s book for the tips on mental prep that I read on the train down to the city today.

It is okay if I don’t PR.  I am still a good and strong person, but man, I really want to break 4 hours and PR.

I’m so excited and honored to be running the Chicago Marathon this weekend!  I am lucky to have so much support from my family, friends, and patients.  I can’t wait to celebrate with them after the race no matter what happens Sunday morning!


Keeping my fingers crossed for the 60 degree partly cloudy weather that the weather.com told me would be here on Sunday!  Until then…it is just a waiting game.  Waiting and hoping that I have trained well enough to be prepped mentally and physically for 26.2.



Do you like race expo’s?

What do you do the day before a big race?

25 thoughts on “T Minus 36 Hours

  1. AHHH DID you see Scott Jurek!!!??! I want to meet him sosososo bad!! I love race expo’s, but have only been to one!! All the other races I have run were too small for expos wahh!

  2. Good luck, good luck, good luck!! I’ll be thinking about you! I get aches and pains right before a race, too. They always disappear on race day 🙂
    That is so nice you volunteered, and that your mom came to help! I think that’s great race karma!
    I’m always on my feet a ton the couple days leading up to a race. I get excited to explore a new area at a destination race!

    • I agree! There were so many people from around the world coming to the expo. I’d be on my feet exploring too if it were a new city. Luckily I have today to sit back and relax, stretch, and try not to feel any aches and pains : )
      THanks for the wishes!

  3. Fingers crossed for you!! Good luck!! I can’t wait to hear all about it!! I love race expo’s. I feel cheated if I enter a small race that doesn’t have one.

  4. I would say good luck but you don’t need it-you have done all the work and you will be fine. Being on your feet yesterday was ok -you have today to stay off (take a page out of Cooper’s playbook)! The expo looked awesome-I have never been in a race big enough for one. How fun and of course having your mom there didn’t hurt! I am so glad you are running for a cause think about that on run day-that you can run!

    • That is so true! I did 2 miles today and it was a run to remember…to remember why I run, why I signed up for the marathon, and to remember that no matter what happens, I LOVE running!

  5. I think nerves are good. They mean that you really care. You are going to run like the wind. And remember there will be lots of potatoes afterwards! we are so proud of you. We are proud of your dedication, training, your heart, and especially because of just who you are!it was so fun to volunteer with you and it is going to be amazing to chase you around the city of Chicago tomorrow! Many hugs DD!

  6. I love expo’s. Even if I don’t buy anything, there’s magic in the air!! I know what you mean about phantom aches and pains before race day. That’s the worst part about tapering! It’s just your mind playing tricks on you. Once you start running they will work themselves out. Good luck tomorrow! You are ready for this! Trust your training. YOU GOT THIS!!! I’ll be cheerin’ for ya 🙂

  7. I’ve never been to a race expo. I’ll be sure to go if I hear one in Puerto Rico, surely there are but I haven’t noticed. I love your cause, I wanted to do the Saint Jude race here but wasn’t able to. I have two healthy kids thank god, but can definitely relate to these families. Every time I see the commercials it just Breaks my heart and me thank god that my kids haven’t gone through that.

    Good luck on your race, I really admire you, a marathon, I can’t even imagine running those miles!!!!

    • Thank you for your sweet post! I saw a whole bunch of runners from Puerto Rico (along with tons of other countries) at the marathon. It is so amazing to watch everyone come together on a beautiful day!

  8. Sending you happy, speedy running vibes RIGHT NOW! Hope today’s 26.2 started off great and continues all the way to the finish line! Crush it, girl!

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