Five for Friday XI

1.  It’s October, and I think that fall has arrived!





2.  I took a 2 hour nap today!  Cooper, not surprisingly, joined me.  He is really supportive of October Goal #2 and chooses to lead by example.  I’m just sad that I didn’t get a picture of us.  We had the entire bed to ourselves (the BOY was at work) and he curled his entire body up against mine, sharing my pillow and blanket.





3.  After my nap, I made an amazing late lunch of Whole Wheat Banana French Toast.  It was AWESOME!





4.  The BOY and my meal plan worked out so well this week that we had plenty of homemade food for lunch and dinner.  It even lasted us through Friday as we are having leftovers tonight.  Thank goodness for the grill!  To add to my dinner, I roasted up some root veggies.  Mmmm!





5.  October is National Cookie Month!

I’m already hard at work pinning some tasty looking recipes for this year’s holiday baking bonanza!




And may I recommend eating your cookies with this spicy new fall tea from Trader Joe’s?!





The BOY (and Cooper) and I are having a quiet night in and right now we’re trying to decide on which late 80s/early 90s movie we want to watch tonight…I’m trying to convince him to watch Heathers…it’s not going so well.



Will you celebrate cookie month?

What is your favorite 80s/90s movie?

13 thoughts on “Five for Friday XI

    • I know….I was thinking the same thing! Hope you like the tea! It’s so flavorful and amazing! And will go perfect with whatever cookies you bake. Post some recipes because I always love your baked goods!

  1. Fall looks beautiful in your neck of the woods. San Diego is still hot and sunny, so I have to experience fall through everyone else. Keep the pretty pictures comin’! Trader Joe’s OWNS with their seasonal tea’s. I’m adding this to my shopping list this week. They have a seasonal Candy Cane Green Tea that is to.die.for. Looking forward to some new cookie recipes!!

  2. I love napping with Riley too. He only snuggles with me on the right side. Always laying curled up in my gut. He won’t do that with my hubby for some reason. Weird! My vote would be for Xanadu or Grease 2. I love those movies!

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