Guess What’s Back???



If your mouth is watering and you’re thinking Candy Corn Oreos, then you are correct!




I am a HUGE fan of this seasonal cookie and used them to make this memorable Candy Corn Oreo Cake Batter Fudge last fall.




This year, I swore off candy corn until Halloween, but that doesn’t include these Oreos.


IMG_2759 IMG_2760


A friend picked me up a bag and after tasting a few and sharing a few more, I knew I wanted to turn them into another creative treat.  After the success of last year’s fudge, I knew there was nothing these Oreo’s couldn’t do.




I decided after searching a friend’s pinterest account for inspiration that I wanted to make an Oreo stuffed sugar cookie.  For time’s sake, I went the easy route with store bought, premade, cookie dough, but of course you can always make your own.




At first, I debated making a double layered stuffed cookie (with sugar cookie on the top and bottom of them Oreo), but then decided that was too much cookie.  I was a little nervous about whether these cookies would turn out and then once I saw how cute they were, I was nervous about how I would get them out of my muffin pan.




But it all turned out fabulously!




And these sweet cookies are a serious crowd favorite!  I know that Oreo is getting more and more creative, so you can do with any kind of Oreo/Cookie combo that suits your palate.





Has anyone else tried Candy Corn Oreos? 

Did you bake with them?



Candy Corn Oreo Stuffed Sugar Cookies

Makes 24 cookies



24 Candy Corn (or your favorite flavor) Oreos

1 package of premade sugar cookie dough



Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Spray a muffin tray with cooking spray.  Place one square of cookie dough into the bottom of each cup, using your fingers to spread it out.

Push one cookie into each piece of dough.

Bake for 10-11 minutes until edges begin to brown.

Remove from oven and loosen the edges of each cookie with a knife.  Then let cookies cool for ~20 minutes.  Cookies should slide out of the tray easily. 

Store in an airtight container and enjoy within 1-2 days of baking.

10 thoughts on “Guess What’s Back???

  1. OMG!! Those are the funniest looking cookies ever!!! I didn’t even know they made those oreos!! so funny!! I try not to go down that aisle!! 🙂 I might try these with the half chocolate/vanilla oreo!! Maybe totally surround the oreo??

    • Yes, you can totally surrounded it. Put one cookie dough on the bottom and the other on the top. They look really cool and taste awesome too. Wait until you check out the Oreo aisle. There are sooo many new flavors

  2. PLEASE go read the package right now and tell me if there is any dairy in these…regular Oreo’s are dairy free I HOPE THESE ARE TOO! OMG YUM! Also a cookie…inside a cookie?! YOU ROCK!

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