Rained Out



I know that I should be grateful that not one of my runs has been rained out since I started marathon training this summer, and don’t get me wrong, I am.  But a 12 miler scheduled on a stormy Sunday, with no wiggle room to push later into the week, means only one thing.



The treadmill!

Oh treadmill, we have not seen each other in a very long time and although we parted on good terms, I can’t say that I am pleased to see you today.




I have a rocky relationship with the treadmill. There have been times when I have run for miles on end without even flinching, and others when I can tolerate about 30 minutes before going batty.  Recently, it has been the later.  Which makes sense when you see the beautiful path I typically run on.  Needless to say, it took a lot of motivation (and supplies) to get me out the door and to the gym…where the treadmill was waiting.


In true Jen style (insert comment from Mom now), I found a friend on the treadmill to my left, who is also training for the Chicago marathon and chatting with her made my first 6 miles fly by.  Before going to the gym, I had decided that I would do a shorter workout and this was confirmed when I realized I didn’t bring any nutrition.  The new game plan was 10 miles.  I kept a steady 7.0mph pace for most of my run, but with 1.5 miles to go, I started getting a little knee pain.  Not wanting to irritate anything too much, I slowed down for a few minutes before spiking back up for a sprint to the finish.  I didn’t keep track of my time, but was proud of accomplishing 10 miles on a day when it would have been much easier to stay attached to my couch.




I have never done 10 miles on a treadmill before, and I’m hoping I never have to again : )  I made sure to stretch when I was done, as I am heading into my last big week of running before my official taper begins. 



Do prefer to run inside or outside?

What do you do when your run is rained out?



Weekly Mileage

28 miles


Marathon Countdown

4 weeks!!!

14 thoughts on “Rained Out

  1. I did almost all of my half marathon training on a treadmill including the 10 mile run. My treadmill had a tv so I watched the antiques roadshow go it all. I did burn it up so the last part of the training was done outside. I now prefer outside.

  2. I actually enjoy running in the rain, and have run many times in downpours. I would run in the rain over the treadmill for 10 miles ANY DAY!! Way to get it done!

    • Thanks!
      I don’t mind warm gentle rain (man do I sound picky…he he), but torrential downpour and storms is too much for me. Although I do know people who disagree and find it refreshing! I just hope it doesn’t rain for the marathon because 26 miles is rain sounds miserable!

  3. Holy smokes!! I hate the deathmill! I would rather run outside in the rain than run on the deathmill. 10 miles is a long time!! And it went realitivily well! Nice job! I did a 9 mile run on the DM in June cause I wanted specific paces and it actually went well but I definitely don’t like to do that very often! 🙂

    • So funny! I got one comment calling it the dreadmill and down the deathmill. I have never heard of these terms, but I love them. I think that my biggest prob for a 10 miler on the mill is that it isn’t my normal stride and i end up putting way more pressure on my back. Not sure why but I felt it this morning.

  4. Impressive! I can only handle a few miles on the dreadmill before I go batty! Hoping we have a mild winter so I can run outside for the majority my marathon training (about 95 percent sure I’m running the Dallas Marathon on December 8).

    • Sounds awesome! Texas in the winter. I did the St Jude half in Memphis one year and it was colder than Chicago. Weather can be so crazy. I bought a pair of outdoor running shoes two years ago and became a year round outdoor runner. I love it! Ok so I only run in mild snow but it’s better than being indoors.

  5. Wow! Great pace! I am definitely an indoor runner. Since I only allow myself to watch T.V while I am on the treadmill, I spend a lot of time on there.

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