Five For Friday X

1. September is National Breakfast Month!




Hooray for Breakfast!  You can see my full list of blog breakfasts on my Breakfast Page!



2. We were promised fall like weather and this morning, it arrived.  It’s amazing how much better I run in cool weather.  I finished his mornings 8 miles just under race pace without evening pushing for it.





3. I finally caught up on 4 episodes (read 8 hours…thanks goodness for the fast forward button) on So You think You Can Dance this week.  I’m a huge fan of Fik-Shun and his incredible journey!  Amy has been my favorite girl from the start, and I was thrilled to see the two of them win.  Counting down for season 11!



4. Nutrition Update:

As mentioned in the beginning of the month, September is supposed to be all about nutrition.  Some things have gone very well, while others involved more chocolate.  This week has lacked in the cooking and homemade healthy dinners, but I’m making two pledges for the weeks ahead.

1. There will be recipes on the blog next week.

2. I will not be eating candy corn until Halloween.


On that note, I passed on the candy corn at work this week, but ate crunchy M&M’s instead…oops! : )



5.  To end on a funny note, this week the BOY and I discovered that Cooper can climb to the top of our screen door.




Never a dull moment!



Tell me something about your week!


13 thoughts on “Five For Friday X

  1. My week was nuts-however-as with Cooper-Dogma is proving to be very amusing. DH is home with him all day while I am at work and there is always something new. This is a pretty large dog-he is taller than most labs and because he is part great dane he is very thin. This makes him a contortionist. He can fit in places no large dog should be able to fit (like behind the futon we have in our office). He gets there by sneaking through a very narrow spot under the end table! He has made any activity we can come up with a game even trying (note the word “trying”) to give him a bath. Thank goodness he is in school-he is too big and strong to run amok!
    On that note say goodbye to your screen door-ours is gone and if he found that he can climb it he will!
    I felt the same way about my run on Thurs-I got back to my neighborhood and still needed to run for 5 more minutes (I have a route on workdays that normally takes me 25 min). It must have been the weather! I do love fall!

    • Woo Hoo for fall runs! Somehow our screen door was not harmed during this incident, but you are right that things may soon change : ) It is amazing the things that they can do and places they can get. I always grab photos when I can!

  2. This cooler weather is great! Really loving warm sweatshirts and long pants 🙂 Send some of your nutrition motivation this way… I’m really off the wagon post IM! Have a great weekend!

  3. What a crazy cat!!! I love SYTYCD too. I was so bummed because the president spoke right in the middle of the finale and threw my DVR time off so I didn’t get to see the final 15 minutes. 😦 I was hoping to see Jasmine win it all for the girls. I can’t wait for next season already.

  4. Never having had cats, I find it amazing they can climb so well!
    Way to go on the run! Glad the fall weather is treating you well!
    My week was busy! In New Orleans from Sunday to Thursday morning then the second I got home I switched bags and we headed out to jasper to celebrate Kelly’s big 3-0! Now home and back to reality!

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