In Need of a Break

After working a few late nights in a row, I was in need of a break last night.  A break from the come home, eat dinner, make tomorrow’s lunch, plan for a run, answer emails, go to bed early kind of night.  Instead, I was in need of some quality time with my boyfriend, an evening out back with a glass (or a few) of wine, a non pre run specific dinner, and little less stress.  So that is what I did.  I even set my alarm for 9am this morning!




And then took a running break to head out into the beautiful morning for a short 30 minute bike ride!




I could have biked all day, but had to go to work instead.  Have no fear, I only took the night off after rescheduling my training runs, so I will be back at it tomorrow with an 8 miler.  Which means it is an early bed time kind of night!


Do you ever need to just take a break?

12 thoughts on “In Need of a Break

  1. Absolutely! I love working with kids but by Friday I am usually as done as they are (especially since Friday is our busiest day in the library. Those days I try to do exactly what you did (I went to costco yesterday and got a roasted chicken and some brown rice California rolls-which are surprisingly good-dinner served). I took the night off from laundry and dishes (they are waiting for me now-hee hee) and watched project runway and trashed many of the designers! It was great fun!

    • Debi, that does sound like great fun! I have a whole bunch waiting for me today as well but atleast I have some extra time to do it! Those busy weeks and energetic kids wear me out too!

  2. Heck, yes! Taking a break once and awhile keeps me sane – and, energizes me for the next workout. Your night sounds relaxing and lovely! I’m with ya… I went out for a ride on Tuesday night and wanted to stop time; it was the perfect evening to ride, and I could have kept going forever. Have a happy weekend!

  3. I took a break yesterday too. It felt good and made 8 miles today seem easy. I love that feeling. I also enjoyed a few glasses of wine last night!! 🙂

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