So I saw this survey on Running the Windy City and I loved it!  I don’t think I’ve ever done a survey but this seemed like a fun one to save for a rainy day or weekend away!  Although I wasn’t exactly tagged under T, I thought I”d pretend like I was…ha ha!  I hope you enjoy learning a little more about me while I am down in St. Louis for a Girl’s Weekend!


A.  Attached or Single?


I think you guys know the answer to this one.  The BOY and I have been dating 7 years last month!





B. Best Friend?


We met in bowling day was BFF at first sight!





C. Cake or Pie?



Shamless plug…Even though I’m a cake girl, I do LOVE this Sweet Potato Pie.



D. Day of Choice?


Is there anything better than Sunday Funday?  Especially in the fall when it begins with a morning yoga class, followed by crockpot chili, and Bear’s football!



E. Essential Item?




My Camera.  I hate to miss a sunset and between my phone and two cameras, I always have something available to capture any beautiful site.



F. Favorite Color?





G. Gummy Bears or Worms?


They are the only worms that I will touch!  But I am really more of a Swedish fish girl : )



H. Hometown?


Born in NY, but raised in Arlington Hts., IL



I. Favorite Indulgence?


Spa treatments!!!




And, frozen yogurt…especially the kind that you weigh yourself and can fill extra high with toppings!



J. January or July?


Neither and both!



K. Kids?


When I grow up!  For now, I get my fair share at my job and loving on my friend’s adorable kiddos.



L. Life Isn’t Complete Without?


My family and friends!





M. Marriage Date?


Not my own…trust me, you’ll be the first to know : )



N. Number of Brothers/Sisters?


I’ve got one younger brother.





O. Oranges or Apples?


Oh, I love both!  But ripe apples in the fall are the BEST!



P. Phobias?


I hate spiders and have a crazy fear of scuba diving.


Q. Quotes?


Obviously, I’m a huge fan of ‘Do What You Love, Love What You Do.’


R. Reason to Smile?


Every day!  The kids at work make me smile.  They say the funniest (and most inappropriate) things and do some incredible stuff!



S. Season of Choice?


FALL!  I love everything about it!





T. Tag People…


Tag ya’ll are it!!!



U. Unknown Fact About Me…


Well I feel that I’ve shared a lot recently, so it was tough to come up with something new.

I HATE touching sponges!



V. Vegetable?


The sweet potato for sure.  Not just because of the above mentioned pie.  I love it in EVERYTHING!



W. Worst Habit?


Recently, it’s been letting Cooper fall asleep with me.  But I am also a pimple picker.  Is that TMI?






X. Xray or Ultrasound?

I’m not sure if this is asking which I prefer because neither have been very positive for me in the past.  I’ll have to go Xray though. I’ve had plenty since I’ve broken at least 5 bones.



Y. Your Favorite Food?


Does fro yo count?  What about popcorn?  I eat a lot of popcorn!  As a meal, I love a beautiful piece of fish (glazed salmon or sea bass) with sweet potatoes, and asparagus or broccoli.  Plus a glass of wine.



Z. Zodiac Sign?

I’m a Virgo…in sooo many ways!



Leave a comment and answer some questions! 

Do you like to do surveys?  This is a fun one to try!

11 thoughts on “ABC’s of LWYD

  1. Wow- it’s crazy how you still look the EXACT same as you did when you were little! (And that’s a huge compliment!)
    My favourite indulgence is definitely spa treatments, too. Although the only ones I’ve ever had are massages and pedicures!

  2. I HATE touching sponges too… especially when they are water logged and haven’t been rung out. Such a weird phobia, but I totally get it. You and your man are adorable! I bet you have TONS of fun photos and memories after 7 years together.

    • I do! I feel like we look so young in the first ones but it wasn’t that long ago! I was going to post a fun one of us at Graceland but ended up going with an oldie but goodie (7 years ago next month).

  3. What a fun survey! I enjoyed reading it and comparing my own answers. I am definitely with you on the fear of spiders and the love of swedish fish! Love all the Cooper pics too!

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