I should have Learned My Lesson

You would think after yesterday’s hot and hilly run that I would have learned my lesson about starting long runs at 8am.  Nope!  Even with the best intentions to set my alarm for 6am, when the time came last night, I didn’t, and instead woke up at 7am with the BOY.  By 8am, I was out the door for a 13 mile out and back run.  I knew it was going to be a HOT one and my legs felt tired and stiff for the first 3 1/2 miles.  This seems to be the trend, and I’m not too worried about it knowing that the first 3 miles of the marathon will be very crowded anyways and I shouldn’t be sprinting out of the gate like an elite athlete anyways.  I had some breeze throughout the first half of the run and my splits were right around 10 minutes, which was perfect.  However, around 9 miles, the heat got the best of me and fatigue just took over.  At that moment, the 6am alarm sounded like a GREAT idea!  I grabbed some fuel and tried to ration my water for the last few miles of my run.  I tried walking a few short stretches, but my body just couldn’t recover. 


I made a BIG mistake (even bigger than starting a run this late) and that was lack of hydration, and my run suffered for it!  I did not properly hydrate after yesterday’s run as I was busy at work.  I did drink some water, but also some black iced tea, which is not nearly as effective.  I also did not bring enough water with me for today’s run to stay hydrated and energized.  I ran out of water at mile 11, finished up at mile 12, and then decided to walk the rest of the way home.  In retrospect, it would have been a better idea to stash some water along the trail (since my pack was full) to scoop up on my way back home.  I have never been good about this and worry a little about the safety aspect. 

Does anyone stash water?  Any tips?




My lack of hydration definitely ruined my 13 mile run that is right in the heart of training, but it didn’t ruin my day.  While I was run/walking home today, I was dreaming of an ice bath.  If you know me, you know that I would HATE an ice bath, but I decided to do a modified bath (with cold water and a little bit of ice), which felt fantastic. 




Not surprisingly, I had company trying to fish the ice cubes (his favorite toy) out of the tub…




Until he slipped into the tub himself, rolled around trying to climb out, and then bounded out to safety.  A quick shake and he was back for more.  Seriously…aren’t cats supposed to hate water?


DSCN1453 DSCN1454 DSCN1455


My ice bath was delightful and refreshing and I have continued to drink water non stop for the rest of the morning and afternoon in an attempt to rehydrate for the busy weekend ahead.  I have to say that I am usually very conscious about what I eat the day before a run, but have not been good about hydration the day before.  In this case, it definitely impacted my run.  And although I know I don’t want to overhydrate, it was a good lesson to learn at this stage of training.




Weekly Mileage: 25 miles


If that sounds short, it’s because it is.  I only ran 3 days this week!  Next week is my first of two 20 mile runs.  Is it crazy that I am already nervous?!  Happy Friday and hope everyone has a fun and safe 3 day weekend!

24 thoughts on “I should have Learned My Lesson

  1. Great job even getting that far into your run!! I would have faded pretty quickly. But better to make mistakes in a training run than on race day. Can you run with a water bottle? I can’t, but you’re probably not a wimp like me 🙂 Cute socks BTW. I love mint colored anything!!

      • For the most part, I have always hated running with something in my had. I am, however, planning on running ultras starting next year so I feel that it is important to just get over it. I decided to take some of the burden off by getting the bottles with the straps so I would not have to grip them tightly or worry about slippage from sweat (me or the bottle). It works well. I will be using them more as I go on longer runs and when I am away from city life. Do you bring any emergency gels with you? Not the sugary ones that are basically frosting but, the ones that provide electrolyte replacement. Hammer is vegan and has some sugar but those are great. e-Gel is just electrolyes and taste good with no caffeine and no artificial sweeteners.

      • Thank you SOO MUCH for the post! I haven’t tried hammers but it sounds like exactly what I need! I saw a hand held bottle recently that looked doable. I should definitely research that further. Best of luck with the ultra’s. I have mad respect for distant runners!

      • One thing I was sure to do was get one for each hand. The bottle straps I got have pockets in them so I put a small ice pack in each but I will be adding a small towel when the weather cools a bit (they have these cool bamboo towels I have seen at the expos that fit perfectly).

  2. Hahah I was taking a bath the other night and my cat kept trying to drink the water!! Awesome job on the 13 miles even if it was a struggle towards the end!

  3. Hydration is so important but so difficult to do right. I find that I either underhydrate or drink too much so I’m stopping to pee during my run. I need to work on finding the right balance.

    My cat is intrigued by water but hates getting into it. He loves fishing stuff out but the one time we had to give him a bath he freaked out

  4. What about a camelback? Do you have one? I used one when I was training for MCM a couple of years ago(because I was planning on using it for the race) and it worked well! I would definitely try and stash water. If there is not water on my route….then I make it a couple out and backs from my place. Or run when I can go by a convenient store. Anything to get more water. You are definitely going to need to do something before your 20 next week…and you definitely have to work on getting up earlier to run! I just read that the Chi starts at 8! so late! What corral are you in?

    • Well, I am currently in F but hoping to move up because of the weather and the heat. What about you???

      I have never had a camelpak but thought about it! It would be a good thing to have. I do have my Mom for my 20 miler next week which is great. She is the best water carrier EVER!

      • I am in G. I can’t believe that this race starts so late especially when there is potential for it to be hot!! 😦
        You should get a camelback they work miracles but you are so lucky that you can get your mom to ride along with you! so fun!!

      • When are you going to the expo? I will be volunteering at the St Jude table Friday morning if you are there please stop by!

        Two years ago, it was REALLY hot so a friend and I pushed our way to the front to try to start early. Crossing my fingres for fall weather like last year!

      • Oh Man!! I am not flying in until Friday evening…so I will go either Friday night(ideally) or first thing Saturday morning! So I will miss you! 😦
        I am hoping like hell its not hot…..I hate running in the heat!! 🙂

  5. I LOVE my handheld amphipod from lululemon! It’s small and has a pocket for nutrition / keys. It took a bit to get used to holding on my long runs, but it saved me during my hot training days. Also, before a long run, I hydrate the night before with Osmo Nutrition preload and have another glass about 30 minutes before my run. During my run, I sip on Skratch Labs. Both have powered me through hot days, long runs and IM Canada with no dehydration or bonking 🙂

    I’ll be thinking about you as your run your first 20-miler! Good luck!

  6. Proud of you for finishing!! I have never done an ice bath and think my lady bits would get REALLY mad if I did one. BRRRR. I have overheated and ditched my shirt before while running and it was there when I passed again. So I guess it depends where you run and what type of area it is.

    • Ha ha! You crack me up. There were seriously like 10 ice cubes in my bath, so I am such a pretender AND I wore my clothes : ) So true… I see people leave clothes all of the time. I’m sure a beverage would be safe too!

  7. I am with you on the stashing water. Not so sure I would want to drink after I left it somewhere unsupervised. I use to run with a water belt but I just recently misplaced it. I need to get a new one although there are times when it doesn’t seem to hold enough water for me. Maybe if you run back past your house, you can stash more water in your mailbox. That would seem like the safest place to me.

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