Running Fuel and August Goals

I had the most delicious Monday night Birthday dinner!  No pictures to post because the BOY and I were too busy sharing a fantastic bottle of red wine : ) but  I decided to sleep in Tuesday morning.  Well I tried at least, but the BOY was making noise in our room and Cooper was bouncing on my head.  I made breakfast, checked email, and made the mistake of checking out the weather for the day.  95 degrees!  That’s crazy hot!  I went upstairs to change into my running clothes but instead climbed back into bed for a 90 minute pre work nap!  I know I should feel guilty for skipping my 5 mile run, but instead I felt refreshed.  I pushed through a lot of long runs last week while I was sick, so I decided to cut myself some slack.  Since Wednesday is my rest day, that made for two exercise free days in a row!


Which meant that I HAD to run this morning, despite the heat.  I certainly didn’t get up early enough to beat the heat, so when I left for my run, I wasn’t one mile in before the air felt thick, my t shirt was heavy, and my legs were wobbling like angel hair pasta.  I tried to pick an 8 mile route with shade, which unfortunately also meant hills.  Hills and heat does not a race pace run make!!!  But I tried…for the first half of my run anyways, and then 4 miles later, settled into a comfortable pace.  I was able to find my way through 8 long miles pulling back into the driveway at 73:22.  Although definitely not race pace, it wasn’t as slow as I thought it would be.


On another note, I have finally settled on a fuel for the marathon.  I tried a few different options over the last few weeks and settled on these guys.




During my first and only marathon, it was SO hot that I had trouble taking in my nutrition.  I had to beg a random spectator for a slice of his orange.  The good news is that when I ate these in the heat today, they went down smoothly!  I’m planning on trying them for tomorrow’s weather-permitted long run!


What do you use to fuel your runs?


Since August is almost over and I have a busy Labor Day weekend, I thought it would be a good time to check in with goals.


August Goals

My main goal was to dive into marathon training, which has been going pretty well!  I haven’t finished Hal’s book yet, but my long runs have been slow but strong, and I am consistently stretching. Hooray!

My secondary goal was to raise money for St. Jude.  And…I am well on my way!  Thank you to all of you for your emotional support!


September Goals

I’m sticking with the single focus goals.  This month its all about nutrition!

I have been all across the board with my eating.  So this month, I’d like to get back to meal panning, eating clean, and properly fueling my runs!

15 thoughts on “Running Fuel and August Goals

  1. I swear by Shot Bloks, but I tried an energy bar once by this company you shared and loved it!! I also really like Vega Sport Energizer powder for before a long run.

    • Was it the Picky bar?? I love those too! I also like Larabars but when it’s hot they are are too dry. I think these are smaller than shot blocks so easier for me to eat. Who knew I was so high maintenance with my running snacks : )

  2. I do an AMRAP bar for breaky, shot blocks 20 minutes before, a 5 hour energy 10 minutes before (CANT STOP WONT STOP) – it’s always so early, i am sleepy haha, then during the race I use GU. I have a bunch of huma gels I want to try out on long runs too once I am running again. They taste awesome but I haven’t have the opportunity to try them out yet while running.

    • Thanks for sharing your routine! I have so more engery I think everyone would hate me if I had a 5 hour energy drink ever : ) I”ve never heard of huma gels. I will have to check them out!

  3. I’m glad you had a wonderful birthday dinner! I usually use gels during running because I don’t like how chews get stuck in my teeth but I’ve been experimenting with the honey stinger gels and I really like their products. Maybe I should pick up some chews to try?

    • And I should try their gels. I have a problem with the texture of the gels. I tried one last week and basically spit it out. My favorite thing about the honey stingers is that they don’t upset my stomach and because they are small they are sooo easy to eat!

  4. I am glad your training is going well!! I am so excited for Chicago! I can’t believe its only 6 weeks away!! I use gels–gus and clif shots. I just feel like they go down easier. I am really working on my pace for my long runs and fueling them also. I still have a 2-20’s and a 22 to go!! Good luck tomorrow! I hope you get out there before it really gets HOT out! 🙂

    • Major fail in that department…hence today’s post. It was way to hot and I had way too little water. You would think that I would know better. Wow, a 22 that is amazing!!! I have two 20’s left to go too and I a already nervours. 6 weeks…that is crazy and REALLY puts things into perspective!

  5. I use Gu’s when I run. I really tried to get into chews (cause, hello, Clif makes margarita flavored shot blocks!) but I can’t chew and run at the same time. I swear I’m completely functional otherwise 🙂 I’ll stick to Gu’s for now but will check out honey stingers too. I’ve heard good things.

  6. Honey Stinger chews are my favorite! Great flavors and they never get stuck in your teeth like Clif shot blocks. I ate three bags of them during IM Canada 🙂

    Did I miss your birthday?! Happy birthday! Hope it was fantastic!

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