Running for St. Jude

Dear Friends and Family,


I did it again! I signed up to run the Chicago Marathon and on October 13, I will be sporting my St. Jude Heroes jersey and taking on 26.2 miles in support of this incredible hospital!




When I completed my first marathon in 2011, it was the children of St. Jude and you guys that inspired me through those last 10 miles. It is true when they say that the marathon starts at mile 20. Those were the toughest physical and mental miles I have ever completed. But the streets were filled with spectators cheering me on and shouting ‘Way to go Hero!’ It brought tears to my eyes. And when I crossed the finish line, my feet on fire, I found my way back to the St. Jude tent where I was surrounded by my family and volunteers, I was full of pride and joy!




This is the same feeling that that children of St. Jude get when they stand for the first time after surgery, take steps in their new prosthesis, and celebrate their No Mo’ Chemo Party with the nurses that have become their friends. I know this first hand as I was the physical therapist pushing them towards these moments. Even though I am no longer working at St. Jude, I’d love to continue to provide these opportunities for health and healing, which is why I am raising money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital!


Not only does St. Jude do so many incredible things for its patients and families, it continues to be a source of hope and inspiration for me. I appreciate all of the support you have already given me, and if you’d like to donate to St. Jude, please check out my Heroes Page!




And don’t forget to follow me online or trek out to the marathon to cheer me and the thousands of other charity runners through the neighborhoods of Chicago on October 13th.



Love and Thanks,


10 thoughts on “Running for St. Jude

  1. You a truly incredible! I work at a children’s hospital in Toronto and can attest to the life-changing work that they do. It is only with the support of people like you that these hospitals can help save lives! Looking forward to following your training journey 🙂

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