Lessons Learned in my Early 30’s

Today’s my 32nd birthday!


Jen 1st Birthday 001

This was my 1st Birthday!


Where do the years go?  Birthday’s always make me a little introspective as I think back on where I’ve been and where I want to go.  As I find new gray hairs and my metabolism comes to a screeching halt, I feel so old.  Yet when I am out running 8 miles before my active work day, I feel so young.  Plus I am carded every time I try to by wine : )


They say that every decade brings new lessons and enlightened theories.  I certainly learned my fair share during my 20’s and was excited to turn 30, an age that brings wisdom and perspective.  In the 2 years since my 30th birthday, it’s obvious that this decade is bringing with it a maturity and comfort (along with the above mentioned gray hairs) that my teens and 20’s lacked.  I thought it’d be fun to share a few of my early lessons, and I’d love to hear which decade taught you the most and what lessons you’ve learned?!

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Lessons Learned in my Early 30’s


1. Sleep is important.


2. Wear sunscreen EVERY day!


3. It is better to drink less of an expensive wine or beer than more of the cheap stuff.


4. Challenge yourself mentally and physically.


5. Surround yourself with friends who love and accept you for you!


6. There is much joy in volunteering and helping others.


7. Work to live, don’t live to work!


8. Declutter your life…don’t hold on to everything.


9. Forgive yourself and learn from your mistakes.


10. Create a rainy day savings fund (and a retirement one too).


11. Eat dark chocolate.


12. Don’t go to sleep with make up on.


13. And invest in a good eye cream (I love Kiehl’s).


14. Treat yourself with the kindness you grant your friends.


15. Listen to your parents’ advice and thank them often.


16. Take Chances!


17. Find joy in every day…even when you’re stuck in traffic.


18. Say hello to strangers.


19. Schedule in down/alone time.


20. Tea is delicious!


21. Be clear and direct with your communication.


22. Floss your teeth daily.


23. Swing on swingsets and play with children.


24. Strength train.


25. Create your own life plan!


Jen 1


And always remember to…


Do what you love, and love what you do!

20 thoughts on “Lessons Learned in my Early 30’s

  1. Happy birthday Jen!! I keep the list that you made (while hanging out at your friends with her 4 year old) next to my computer. My favorite- if you hear music stop and dance!

  2. Happy Birthday girly!!! I can’t wait to see what fabulous dessert you’ve baked to celebrate your bad self 😉 Hope your birthday is filled with the best wine and dark chocolate money can buy!
    I completely agree with so much of your list. Especially drinking quality wine, wearing sunscreen and washing your face/eye cream. I’m all about a preventative and proactive beauty ritual.

    • Thanks! It was so nice to focus on mu 32 year old perspective and not the fine lines that seem to be appearing from nowhere : ) We went out for dinner tonight and had the most amazing seasonal berry cobbler with oatmeal cookies. Dessert baking will happen this weekend so no worries…recipes to come! Thanks for your sweet comment!

  3. Happy belated birthday! And so many great life lessons! I’m already regretting all the days spent in the sun without sunscreen in my early 20’s!

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