Five For Friday IX {Confession Edition}

Confession # 1

The rain continued to pour, and I didn’t make it to the grocery store yesterday to make homemade soup.


Confession #2

I didn’t workout yesterday (meaning I did nada for two days in a row).  It’s a good thing I got my 8 miles in this morning and am somewhat prepared for tomorrow’s 18 mile run.




Confession #2.5

I attempted to make Friday Morning Pancakes with coconut flour, which was a total disaster.  But I ate them anyways!




Confession #3

I finally told some of my work friends that I blog..they laughed!


Confession #4

I am slightly obsessed with taking pictures of Cooper, who in 2 weeks looks a lot less like a kitten and more like a full grown cat.



Hello, my name is Cooper and I am addicted to ice cubes


Confession #5

I think both Cooper and I have put on weight this week.  On Cooper’s front…a full bag of kitten treats has disappeared this week.  We have two possible suspects: Cooper and the guy who cleans our house. 




I think the answer is obvious!

The BOY and I just enjoyed one of our last summer Friday’s outback eating Mediterranean chicken pitas with homemade tahini for lunch.  Now we’ve got some errands to run. 




Happy Friday to all!

14 thoughts on “Five For Friday IX {Confession Edition}

  1. People often laugh when I tell them I blog too, so I just don’t tell people hahaha. I get defensive and say, ” I GET LOTS OF FREE SHIT OK!!!?”

  2. What did the coworkers say after they laughed? Did you give them your site address?

    I made pancakes with coconut flour before and I was NOT a fan. I know everybody raves about coconut flour, but it’s not for me.

    Cooper is too cool for school. Especially when he gets his head stuck in glasses.

    • Yes, I gave them the site and then they were excited about it. Mostly they laugh because I’m not on facebook or twitter and don’t know much about social media. We’ll see if they comment!

  3. I can’t believe how big Cooper has gotten already! Too bad they don’t stay kittens longer. That is what I like about having a small size dog. He might be 14 but I can still pretend he is a puppy!

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