With my longest training run of the year ahead of me, I called in reinforcements.




Of course my mom, was more than happy to come ride with me during my 16 mile run this morning.  But more importantly, I think she was excited to meet Cooper.




Wouldn’t you be???


I probably stayed up a little later than necessary watching the Bears preseason game last night, but I’m just so excited that football season is upon us!  This has been an exhausting week, and I was feeling nervous about today’s 16 miler.  A big thank you to Leslie whose post reminded me to find my Garmin cord and charge my watch last night.    And a HUGE thank you to my Mom who chatted with me and cheered me on every step of the way…except for when she bumped into some of her friends on the path : )



pre run/bike selfie!


Today’s run went pretty well.  I haven’t pulled up all my stats (mostly because I haven’t read the instructions that go along with my watch), but my first 8 miles went really smooth with sub 10 minute miles.  I was actually trying to slow myself down so I didn’t run out of steam at the end.  Which between the heat and fatigue, I almost did.  Having my Mom to chat with made the 2+ hours fly by and I’m hoping to book her for future runs.


IMAG3212 IMAG3216


Upon returning home, I was al about the stretching.  Cooper, on the other hand, was all about the trying to drink my coconut water.


IMAG3213 IMAG3214 IMAG3215


He has a thing for cups no matter where they are…and no fear of water!




Anyways, I’d love to chat more about running, but we are off to take Coop for his first vet visit.  And then the BOY and I are heading out for a late lunch.  We’ve got close friends coming into town this weekend, and after this morning’s run, I’m guessing I will need a nap.  I must say that I am happy to have a strong 16 miler behind me.  As the marathon gets closer and closer,  my nervousness rises!


Week in Review

Monday: 5 Miles

Tuesday: 8 Miles

Thursday: 8 Miles Race Pace (barely but I made it in 71:25)

Friday: 16 miles 2:40


Weekly Mileage: 37 miles

11 thoughts on “Reinforcements

  1. Great job, great pace! You’re gonna be more than ready for 26.2! And, so fun that you’re mom kept you company the entire way! Are you loving your new Garmin?! My favorite setting (it’s on the main screen) is my average mile pace… it helps so much!

  2. Congrats on the big run! That’s so great your mom bikes alongside.
    My dad used to bike beside me on a couple long runs a few years ago; it was awesome!
    K- Cooper is way too cute. I love the belly!

  3. Great job on the run!! So cool that your mom joined you. At least Cooper likes to drink healthy things, like coconut water!!

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