Thank Goodness for 4 Mile Runs

Confession #1

I have been the worst blogger!  I haven’t read any other blogs, including my Mom’s, in over a week.  And I haven’t taken pictures of anything other than Cooper since we got back from Door County.  Personally, I haven’t done a meal plan or cooked a meal either, and I am WAY behind responding to emails. 




Confession #2

This morning, I am really just soo tired!  So tired that I didn’t even want to get out of bed, let alone lace up my sneakers.  Thankfully, this morning was only a 4 miler which left me thinking ‘Thank goodness for 4 mile runs!’


I was excited, however, to take my Garmin out for a real test drive now that it is fully charged!  It works amazingly, and I am excited to find out its full potential over this next week.  This morning, I was so exhausted that I missed the deer on my right until he bound back into the bushes startlingly me from my daze.  I considered staying in bed with Coop after my run, but really had to get to work.


Confession #3

I may never get to write another blog post again because Cooper is obsessed with my computer, specifically the key pad, and has already jumped on it 15 times tonight.  He has also jumped into the pantry, fridge, and sink this evening and discovered the appeal of the back door.




The truth is that with a busy work week and high mileage training runs ahead, I’m not sure that anything will change for another week.  So please just hang in there with me and you will see me back on your blogs (and my blog) again real soon!



What prevents you from blogging?

What is your confession today?

17 thoughts on “Thank Goodness for 4 Mile Runs

  1. SIGH. candy crush saga… I am almost to level 100 without benefit of facebook or spending any money buying lives….. that takes TIME! also exercise… my committment to 5 miles a day… biking / walking or combo… is increasing to 8 miles a day… and that takes TIME.. but this morning… I am on to blog! hugs…

  2. Cooper is SO cute! And curious by the sounds of it!
    I’ve bees major blog slacker lately, too. Both reading, commenting, and writing my own. I’m going to cut myself some slack and hope to get better at it after my ironman!

  3. Cooper is adorable! When we first got out kitty, Sonic, I didn’t do anything but play with him and hold him for a few weeks. I even felt guilty leaving the apartment to run. Totally normal :).

    • Thanks! That is really nice to hear! I do feel guilty heading off to work and leaving my cutie behind. At the end of the day, he is all over the house so there is a little less time for cuddling. Ps I told everyone about getting ‘caged’ so funny!!!

  4. When Jax was a kitten she used to hop into the crisper drawer in the fridge haha I got her in college and have some awesome pictures of her in an empty 30 case beer box in the fridge! They are do crafty!!

    • That is hilarious! I definitely want to see that one! I gave Cooper an amazon box and a bag but he still loves to find all of the small spaces in our house. He even tried to get into the dishwasher. When I shoo him out, he looks at me…like why?

  5. Don’t worry, it happens to all of us! “life” gets in the way, and sometimes something has to go. For me lately, packing has gotten in the way of blogging! Looking forward to hearing from you when you’re back!

  6. Don’t worry about it! We’ll all be here when you do blog 🙂 I hear ya, too… I am way waaaaaaay behind on my blog and reading my bloglovin’ feed! But, life happens and that’s more important than sitting behind a computer screen 🙂 My plan is to catch up after IM Canada next week! 🙂

  7. I think sometimes we all run out of things to say, or the energy to say it!! I have a hard time finding anything to blog about if I am not traveling or doing anything exciting. I love to hang out at home and do nothing on the weekends but it doesn’t make for good blog material!

    • So true! I love weekend’s like that and know that everyone doesn’t want to see pictures of me laying in my PJ’s on the couch. Luckly I also did some baking and cooking this week!

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