Happy Birthday to Me!

Before the wishes begin, I should tell you that it’s not actually my birthday.  That’s a few weeks away.

But my birthday present arrived yesterday…so Happy Birthday to Me!!!




I postponed yesteday’s 11 mile run until today so that I could test out my new gadget.  But instead of setting it up last night and this morning, I spent that time playing with Cooper.  Yesterday, I subbed in a cross training bike ride.  Since I haven’t rode too many miles this summer, I was looking for a long ride.




I rode for almost 2 hours and logged 22 miles, quite possibly my longest ride of the summer.




This morning, I finally left Cooper to open my box.  We’ve got Cooper all set up in our second bedroom as he gets used to us before we give him free rein of the house…which never seemed big until I thought about it from his point of view.  We are trying to spend as much time in there with him, which makes other things, like laundry and opening self ordered birthday presents tough.




Right before my run I tried on my watch and got set up with the basic settings.




It took sooo long to locate satellites that I had almost given up when it finally started working.  With my new watch, compression socks, and water pack, I looked official even if my legs felt tired after yesterday’s long ride.  My new watch was amazing!  At mile one, I knew my pace and it beeped and vibrated to cheer me on.  Note: for time’s sake, I have not set up the heart rate monitor part yet.  Just after mile 3, my watch beeped again.  Confused, I looked down to read a ‘low battery’ warning.  I guess I was supposed to charge the watch first.  I wasn’t sure how much time I had left…was it like the idiot light on my car that would still last the rest of my journey?  Nope…I had about 3 more minutes and my watch was dead.  Luckily, it was an easy route and I wasn’t counting on the watch for distance (1 mile to path + 9 mile path + 1 mile home = 11 miles).  It was also a hot route, but I hit my stride and walked in the door to Cooper meowing from  upstairs.




I meant to stretch, but instead spent most of my afternoon snuggling with kitten (and taking tons of pictures) before running out to do some errands.




Right now…I am feeling as exhausted as our sleeping kitten, so I am off to bed!

See you tomorrow!


Weekly Mileage

Running: 23 miles

Biking: 47 miles

13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Yay! It arrived! So excited for you! You’re gonna love it. Definitely locate the satellites outside… it’s much faster 🙂 (I owe you an email, by the way!)

    Happy {early} birthday!

  2. Enjoy your new watch! so fun!! That is the Garmin I have and it can do a lot!! What I like to do is start it and set it either on my porch. It finds the satellite pretty quick that way. Also you can save your area too! (I don’t know how to do that but it is possible!) 🙂

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