DC Part 3: Why I Heart Door County

The final portion of this 3 part series is meant to allow me to share with ya’ll why the BOY and I continue to return to Door County each summer!  It’s not meant to make you want to plan a DC vacation, but warning…it just might!





Why I Heart Door County…


Everyone is friendly. 

It is easy to make a new friend while running along a trail or sitting by the docks.  In Door County, Bears and Packers fans can even share a bar and bartender.  Does it get any friendlier than that?!


There is a nice mixture of city life and state parks.

I love to explore the shops, but my favorite places are the views from the parks.




There’s always something new to discover.

This year, there was a new bakery (that we went to twice) and a hard cider distillery that was closed but that we will definitely visit next year.  And we found new (to us) hiking trails up north along the bluffs.


Yet some things stay the same.

The burritos at Good Eggs were as big and satisfying as the first time I had them ~10 years ago.


You can picnic with local fare.

The BOY and I bought bread from the local bakery, cheese from the artisan shop, cherries from the market, and DC wine for an afternoon picnic.  Due to rain, we ended up on the floor of our hotel room, but it was still a memorable meal!




I always feel balanced.

I seem to be able to find the perfect mix of activity, rest, reading, eating, shopping, and drinking.  This is why I try to extend our trip every year.  Who wouldn’t love that feeling?





No explanation needed!








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What is your favorite repeat vacation destination?


9 thoughts on “DC Part 3: Why I Heart Door County

  1. Thanks for sharing all your pics and tips! I can’t wait to make another trip and visit different places. I think this is definitely our new summer destination!!

  2. Beautiful! And I really can’t think of anything friendlier than football rivals coexisting in peace.

    The only place we repeat vacations to for now is Disney World. If we’re not headed to Orlando, we try to find different places to visit.

    • ha ha! I so agree…although that could be because it is still baseball season : ) I haven’t been to Disney in a long time and need to visit again soon. Thanks for the comment!

  3. I love carpet picnics 🙂 It’s always fun to try all the local specialties. I can definitely see why you love DC so much. It’s beautiful and sounds so peaceful and refreshing. They should pay you for all this great publicity!!

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