Dark Clouds, Blue Skies, and More Dark Clouds

We had our coldest summer weekend in Wisconsin to date!  We drove up to Green Lake, leaving around 1:30pm on Friday in the midst of rain storms, but when we arrived the sun was shining and the sky was blue.




We able to have Happy Hour on the dock, but needed a few extra layers to stay warm in the wind.




We had a stunning sunset, despite all of the clouds, just before dinner was ready on the grill.




The next morning, the guys were up early with fishing poles on the dock.  I was in need of a 14 mile run.  My longest run of the season.  I didn’t know any local distances, nor do I have a GPS watch, so I decided that a two hour run would be sufficient.  With the hills and strong wind, I figured that might be closer to 13 miles.  Since the weather was chilly, I didn’t need to head out early for my run.  I was able to take a morning boat ride and enjoy my breakfast.  Around 10am, my parents and I got into the car.  They volunteered to be my athletic support and help me map out a course.




When I read about the Pro Compression sale on Brittany and Megan’s website, I immediately bought a pair.  I took some major slack for the bright green color, but I joked that it meant they’d be able to see me from across the lake.




Yes, my Mom and I have the same awesome purple running shoes!  She was walking while I was running.  We were able to scope out a great place to run, mostly around the lake with a few parts along the local highways.  I’m familiar with the route as I have biked it a few times before.  My parents dropped me off at the bottom of a HUGE hill and off I went.  I ran about 6 miles to the park where they were waiting to cheer me on and refill my water bottles.  In another hour, they came back to scoop me up.  Although my legs were tired and I wasn’t feeling fast, I did feel strong after 2 hours or running.  I’m sure the cool weather and amazing family support helped!


IMAG2922 IMAG2923


I finished right around lunch time and returned back to the house to find everyone gathered around the table.  I dug right into my homemade hummus before making a salad with leftover salmon for lunch.  And sipping on a New Glarus beer.




It’s the best part of running in Wisconsin!  After lunch we went back down to the docks for fishing round two.  My brother and the BOY (on separate docks below) tried their luck with the fish as dark clouds rolled through.  We sat under layers of towels for moral support and cheered them on.






Throughout the day, the BOY caught three fish, but only one that I captured on camera!




Due to the dark skies, we decided to move the day’s Happy Hour to the fire pit which was much warmer than the dock!




There was no stunning sunset, but the thick clouds and sprinkles of rain rolling in and out throughout the evening caused quite a dramatic effect.


DSCN1068 DSCN1070


We had another fantastic dinner and then made s’mores (with the giant mallows) by the fire.  When we woke up this morning, there was much of the same in terms of weather.  Dark clouds and chilly temps!  I was thrilled that I had not signed up for the triathlon again this year or I would have been fighting choppy water and heavy headwinds.  Should anyone really need this many layers to be outside on a July morning?!


DSCN1076 DSCN1077


Since there wasn’t much interest in water sports, we took a boat ride into town to walk around before coming back and you guessed it, eating again : )




We left around noon today and when we returned home, it was actually a gorgeous fall feeling day with the sun shining and clear blue skies!

I always feel unbelievable after a weekend in Wisconsin!  Luckily, the BOY and I are heading back up on Friday!  It was another fun week in marathon training, and I have picked up some tips from reading Hal Higdon’s book.



Total Weekly Mileage: 28 miles

I have to give a huge shout out to my BF Kelley and her Dad, for competing in Ironman Lake Placid today!  Way to go guys!!!

22 thoughts on “Dark Clouds, Blue Skies, and More Dark Clouds

  1. It almost felt October-ish this weekend, didn’t it?! Green Lake is gorgeous… great pics!

    Fantastic 14-miler, too! Def recommend a gps… it’s been so helpful for me, especially knowing my average pace for each mile 🙂 And, LOVE the neon compression! I just bought hot pink ones, and I don’t know how I ever recovered without them 🙂

    • sock question….how long after a run do you wear them??? I kept mine on for a few hours and my legs felt GREAT the next morning! I am working on the GPS for my Bday and was just thinking about that this morning. I think I LOVE it. Does it do HR also?

      • It depends… lately I’ve been wearing them right after and then again when I’m sleeping. Also wore them on my flight yesterday! I’ll email you tonight about the garmin stuff 🙂

      • Thanks! No hurry…whenever you find a moment. I do wear compression socks (the ugly kind) on my flights and I actually ran in my green socks. Maybe I need another pair before the sale is over : )

  2. AHHHH I LOVE THE GREEN!!! I now have orange, purple, and black : ) I am obsessed. Seeing all these lake pictures is making me soooo excited to go to my parents on Wednesday! There is something so calming about being on a lake. Plus it makes beer and wine taste THAT MUCH better.

    • For sure! I love the water! We are going to Door County on Friday and I’m counting down the work days : ) Random question…how do you wash your socks? I might need to order another pair. I love them!

  3. I am immediately regretting my decision to get a black pair of PC socks…I wanted green too!! These are awesome, even more awesome is your run! WHOO! This time out on the water looks amazing.

    • I thought black might be too hot. I really wanted purple but thought that would look ridiculous with my purprle shoes. Definitely get yourself green before the sale is over : ) Ps how do you wash them?>

    • I know…I am really lucky that they would spend 2 hours out of their morning supporting my run. Friday, my mom is coming over SUPER early to cheer me on for 15 miles before we leave for Door County!

    • Thanks Kristina! I am running the Chicago marathon in October, so I had some serious catching up to do with my miles. This is a week of long runs, and i am remembering how exhausting training can be : )

  4. Sounds like a great weekend, even though it was chilly. And good for that extra-long run you did. Good for you, keeping up with all the training even on your weekend getaways. Your ambition is inspiring, girl!

  5. I can’t believe how chilly it has been for July. At least you didn’t let the weather stop you from having a good weekend! I hope you have better weather this weekend in DC. Jealous!!

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