The Best Laid Plans

Saturday night I had big plans (in my head) to hang out on the back porch, drink wine with the BOY, and enjoy the weekend.  Instead, around 7:00pm, the skies got dark and I changed into my comfy clothes just moments before strong thunderstorms rolled in.  My back up plan?  Watching Stage 20 of the Tour De France and making next week’s meal plan.  This is my first post Israel meal plan, and I am still getting used to having Sunday as a laundry and errand day since Monday is a work day (I have had Mondays off for about 4 years).  After speaking with the BOY and searching through Google, I came up with the following game plan…


Sunday: Chipotle Turkey Meatloaf


Monday: Dinner Out


Tuesday: Loaded Baked Potato Bar (an awesome suggestion from the BOY)


Wednesday: Sausages on the grill


Thursday: Crockpot Chicken Curry


I forgot how much sleep your body needs when you increase your running mileage.  I went to bed early last night and slept 10 hours easily.  I woke up a little sore this morning, which I expected based on my hamstring and adductor tightness last night.  I had some odd areas of soreness after my first Bikram class…my hamstrings (that can be expected), my right forearm (random?) and the back of my neck.  Since I did my 9 mile run yesterday, I had a cross training day scheduled for today.  And since both of bikes have flat tires (sooo sad!), I decided to go to another yoga class.  I want to take full advantage of my one month Bikram pass, so I signed up for the 10:30am class at their other location.  Three yoga classes in one week…this is AH MAZE ING!




My second Bikram class went by much more quickly than the first. I think it’s because I had a better idea of what to expect.  I also got a tip from a few girls in class that one side of the room was hotter than another.  I immediately moved my mat to the less hot side.  At the end of the class, I felt strong and rejuvenated.  After class, I treated myself to Starbucks before heading to the grocery store.


IMAG2900 IMAG2901


Then came back home to watch the last stage of the Tour De France while chowing down on a fresh salad for lunch.




At which point I noticed a missed call from my brother.  I called him back and he said that he and his girlfriend were in the area and asked what we were doing for dinner.  The BOY was at the library and I hadn’t showered since this morning’s yoga class but I said I’d love for them to stop by.  The BOY came home around 4:30 with my brother arriving shortly there after in the middle of a rain storm.  We all ended up going out for dinner and then coming back to our house to sit out back with a glass of wine and chat.  It was such a fun way to spend a Sunday night!  Everyone laughed at me and my lack of turkey meatloaf and I promised the BOY that chipotle meatloaf was coming soon.  During yoga this morning, I promised myself an early bed time tonight, so I am off to bed.  I’m sure the meal plan will come together later in the week, and I will have recipes to share, but tonight I’m much happier having hung out with my family!

7 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans

  1. You did the right thing-chipotle meatloaf will be there anytime but time with DB and DF is important.
    I got my run in yesterday am-it was a beautiful but only about 2 3/4 miles as I am being careful with my ankle (don’t want to waste my PT). I came home looking forward to a nice shower and went downstairs to a leaking water heater-so the shower was so cold it made my head hurt and DH, DS and I spent the rest of the day putting in a new one! What a way to spend a Sunday!

    • That’s crazy! Our water heater broke on Friday and the BOY spent all day Saturday working with the fix it guy to get ours cleaned out. Isn’t it the worst when you don’t have hot water. Way to go on your run! And smart to listen to your PT : )

  2. Left of momma says…. Where did you go for dinner? What did you talk about? !!!! DH grilled with the umbrella over his head and we had a feast of meats, special potatoes and mushrooms/onions!

  3. What a great Sunday! I am so jealous of your yoga-ing and am excited to start practicing regularly again after IM! I’m so sad le Tour is done… the finish last night was incredible!

    • It was amazing! The special effects were so cool that I saved the DVR to show my brother when he came over. I am sad that we don’t have the Olympics this year to transition into. I must find another sport to enjoy before football season starts!

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