A Guest Post…From Mom

When I knew I was heading out of town for 2 weeks, I asked one of the best writers (and a new blogger) to write a guest post for me.  The night before I left I received two.  After listening to me chat blog for ~2 years, my mom decided to start one of her own.  She is one incredible writer sharing fiction, old stories, and life lessons every day at her site Just Fuffy

Note: I did not give her any suggestions or guidelines…perhaps I should have : )


A Guest Post…From Mom

DD (Darling Daughter) has left town… left the country… and is having a bucket list experience…  it is one of those amazing have to be in the right place at the right time, couldn’t plan for, meant to be experiences.


DS (darling Son) went on a similar trip about 6 years ago, so I sort of know what DD is doing… and there is a link where photos will be published… I’ll be checking it everyday…!


Many of you know DD through this blog, you know she is quite the baker and healthy cooker.  You know that she is quite the athlete, trying new things, training and committed to exercise.




Here are a few things you may have figured out, or may not know about DD…

.She loves clothes… lots of clothes, all kinds of clothes and owns many clothes.

.She loves a sale and enjoys finding fun clothes on sale.  She will pay full price for a ‘special’ piece.

.She also loves shoes…  see above.

.She loves her friends and family.. deeply and with a good heart.

.She is generous, going out of her way always for others.

.She is emotional.. if you have heard DD wail, really wail, you know what I am talking about.

.that doesn’t happen very often…. !!!

.She loves to talk, and to listen.

.She is practical, runs her life on Quicken and mostly keeps to a budget.

.She is loyal.

.She has a strength of character and a maturity beyond her years.

.She is funny.

.She eats the food she buys, she does not waste food.

.She is built like her mother and grandmother…. Sigh.

.She is a storyteller….




And there will be stories to tell when she returns…. I , for one, can’t wait!  I miss her!!!!

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  1. […] I also wanted to say a huge thank you to my Mom, the best guest blogger ever, who not only wrote a post, but took time to respond to your comments.  I had the most incredible trip moving nonstop […]

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