Five for Friday VII (On Saturday)

1. This mess of a breakfast was an attempt to add blueberries to my Friday Morning Pancakes.  Although I messed up my berry to pancake batter ratio (hence the look), they tasted wonderful!




2. Even though I wore my workout clothes all day today (including gym shoes), I didn’t exercise.  I’ve been one lazy girl this week.  Maybe I can say that I am still recovering from last weekend’s triathlon?!


3. I finally opened the new waterproof, dustproof, dropproof GPS camera that I bought last week.  The BOY immediately started setting it up playing with it and broke a strap.  I’ll have a nice long plane ride to read the manual and figure out how to use it.




4. The BOY and I could not decide what to eat for dinner tonight.  We were both feeling too lazy to cook or grill anything.  We were just about to order a pizza when our neighbor mentioned that he was heading out to Panera to pick up dinner.  So for the second time this week, I am having the Power Hummus Chicken Bowl (from the Hidden menu) for dinner!




5. After dinner, the BOY and I joined our neighbors out back to have a few cocktails.  I didn’t return back home until after midnight postponing this post to Saturday morning : )

7 thoughts on “Five for Friday VII (On Saturday)

    • They have really flavorful hummus at Panera (who knew?), so you definitely should check it out! I don’t fully understand the hidden menu concept, but am digging the food!

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