Five For Friday VI

1. I started my Friday at a play date with my BFF’s and their adorable mini-me daughters!  Woo hoo to Friday’s off!




2. So I am running a 5k tomorrow morning.  Typically, I don’t sign up for a race the day before a triathlon, but I’ve been talking with a younger friend of mine about doing her first 5k for over a year and I am looking forward to running with her tomorrow!


3. The BOY and I had a very nontraditional pre race dinner of sushi…Mmmm!




4.  Tomorrow is a crazy busy day starting with the race, followed by a dentist appointment, and then I have to check in for my triathlon and drop off my bike.  After that, my brother and his fiancé are coming over for dinner and the Hawk’s game.


5. Since tomorrow is so busy, the BOY and I spent this afternoon getting prepped for the Father’s Day BBQ we are hosting.  I cheated a little bit with dessert by making White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies from a cube. 





What are you up to this weekend?

How are you celebrating Father’s Day?

11 thoughts on “Five For Friday VI

  1. I’m hosting a Father’s Day BBQ, too. My Dad’s favorite is grilled corn on the cob, so I’ll definitely make sure that’s available. I haven’t finished the rest of the menu yet. Have fun running the 5K tomorrow!

    • Oh i love grilled corn on the cob. I recently saw someone who made it with lime juice. Yum! We have our menu all set but we are definitely keeping it simple with the early AM race! Have a great weekend Michelle!

  2. Hope your races went well! I am working my way through a back stock of posts so I am sure I’ll get to your reviews soon : )

    • Ha ha! Just got the tri posted this morning, so you can read all about it. It was a busy but fun weekend and now I am all about packing and getting ready for my trip : )

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