Girls Get Together!

Am I allowed to complain some more about the weather???

It was another grey and dreary weekend around here.  Total Bummer!




I woke up Saturday morning extra early for a bike ride.  I had a busy day starting with a baby shower and then three of my girlfriends were coming over for a sleepover.  My road bike is back in business and, and I desperately needed to take it for a spin.




It’s been a long time since I’ve been clipped into this bike, so I was not as comfortable as I pedaled out to the path.  I had big plans to head up north to ride along the winding, hilly roads, but with the sun hiding behind dark clouds and a strong wind blowing, I thought it might be safer to stay closer to home.




This is me almost falling off my bike, trying to take a picture while stopping at a stop sign.  Clip out before stopping-CHECK!  I remember this!  On my way to the path, I remembered why I love this bike so much.  It is FAST!  Although the rounded forward posture took some getting used to, I used stops to stretch my wrists and shoulders. While I was biking, I started thinking about and planning for my upcoming triathlon.  With just 2 weeks to go and a camping trip next weekend, I’m not sure how many more bike rides I will get in.  Yesterday, I cycled about 11 miles which is just 3 miles shy of the race distance.  I’m still undecided if I should just use my hybrid, which is slower and steadier or my road bike which I have not built up my confidence with this year, but is light and speedy.  Much to think about…


After my ride, I quickly showered and changed for the baby shower.  It was about 50 minutes away, but the skies were clearer when I arrived.  Unfortunately, I had to leave early to get back home in preparation for our evening.  Three of my close girlfriend’s were coming over for a husband and baby-free sleepover (we kicked the BOY out for the night, but luckily his parents live close).


College Girls 2 001


First up was mani’s and pedi’s…followed by a little shopping.  Then a Fiesta Dinner at our house complete with Two-Ingredient Crockpot Chicken, homemade guacamole (that one of my friend’s made), Sorority Spinach Dip (we were sorority sisters, what can I say?), chips, salsa, and more!  We ate until we were full, catching up in between bites, and then retreated to the couch to relax.  It didn’t take long for big laughs to follow remembering old stories from college and looking through old photos.  For dessert, we picked at Peanut Butter Bars (my friend’s secret recipe) and Nutella Puppy Chow (recipe to come).


My friends are truly incredible!  They are beautiful, loyal, honest, and energetic.  They balance full time jobs with husbands and kids, maintaining a wonderful sense of humor along the way.  In the 14 years since we all met as freshmen in college, we don’t get to see each other as often as when we were living a few floors away.  Yet, we are always able to pick up exactly where we left off…our friendships growing with each year and each new adventure.  Spending Saturday evening with ‘just the girls’ was priceless!




We didn’t stay up too late, and the three of them were wide awake early this morning.  I made some tea and we munched on fruit and Chocolate Chip Pound Cake in our PJ’s while watching the food network.  My friend’s grandma used to make the most delicious chocolate chip pound cake that we would chow down on in college stuffing our faces with our fingers.  The best part was the doughy under-baked middle.  Since college, I have been trying to get my hands on this recipe, but it is a family secret.  In honor of those days, I wanted to make us pound cake, but knew that I had some time restraints, so I cheated using a cake mix recipe.  It was tasty (and even a little doughy in the middle), but nearly as good as grandma’s.  After breakfast, the day was spent exploring the shopping mall.  When I walked back out to the parking lot, it was misting and gross…perfect for a quiet Sunday in.  I drove back home to reconnect with the BOY who was happy to be back home in his Lazy Boy chair.


After a memorable Saturday night, I am already looking forward to our next girls get together!  Spending time with my besties was exactly what I needed after a crazy busy work week to put a smile on my face and keep life in perspective.  You girls are the BEST!


Funny BFF Ecard: I love that we've been BFF's since before the acronym existed.

20 thoughts on “Girls Get Together!

    • We were talking about how excited we are for you to come into town and I was shopping for bathing suits today for our day at the pool. You are totally included in the ‘My besties are awesome!’ club and I can’t wait to see you soon!

    • Yes except he was nervous about letting us hang in his lazy boy with his special remote…ha ha! He is amazing in so many ways and I love that we both treasure family and friends! You should totally do a girl’s night in! They are the best and such a refreshing way to spend the weekend!

  1. I treasure those people that I can connect with even after years and just pick up where we left off. Unfortunately most of mine are in So. Calif. so can’t see them as often as I want.

    • I feel that way about my memphis friends. Even with all of this technology it’s not the same as our monthly girl’s dinners. But it makes visits and get togethers that much more special!

  2. AH What a blast!! I neeeed to find a solid group of girls like this!! Clipping into a bike scares the shat outta me, I would fall for sure.

    • You should check out the posts fro two summers ago. Every other picture is my skinned knees. It definitely gets easier with practice but i’m still nervous every time! I am lucky to have met lifelong friends in college and even luckier that our friendships have grown in the 10 years since!

  3. Girls’ nights are the BEST! Looks like you had a ton of fun!

    Your road bike gets my vote for your tri next weekend 🙂 Glad to hear it’s all tuned up and ready to ride!

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