So, It’s June…



How did that happen?

The exciting news is that I have big changes and fun ahead!  One thing that I haven’t yet mentioned on the blog is that I will be going to Israel at the end of this month.  I was given a unique opportunity to assist a friend who will be participating in a group trip for young professionals.  I have never been to Israel, and I almost can’t control my excitement!  I’ve known about the trip for the past few months but kept waiting for it not to work out.  Yet, here we are just a few weeks away and there is a plane ticket with my name on it.  Talk about a life changing trip!

Ps In case you were going to ask, the BOY is pretty jealous but very supportive as always!


A Quick Review of May

Best DinnerChicken Tagine

Best Part of Memorial Day WeekendBike the Drive

Most Unique BreakfastApple Eggie Cups

Best Bucket List ItemVolunteering at Beer Fest

Most Exciting RaceMy Half Marathon PR


What’s to Come in June…

-I am starting off the month right hosting a Girl’s Only sleepover.  We are getting our nails done, enjoying a fiesta dinner, and watching chick flicks while drinking wine (if we can stay up that late)…ha ha!

-Finally taking my road bike for it’s first ride of the year.  It will (hopefully) be in great shape for my triathlon just 2 weeks away.

-The BOY and I are hosting a Father’s Day BBQ

-My friends and I are going camping!


Not much to complain about here!

I’m also hoping to have the farmer’s market back and plenty of healthy, fresh recipes to come!



May Goals

Use my heart rate monitor

     -I found my monitor and it is in need of some repair. I have had it close to 6 years.  How long should they last?  I love it, but have recently started wondering if a wrist gadget that does heart rate and pace wouldn’t be better for me?  Any suggestions on a well priced model?

Beat last year’s Soldier Field 10 miler time

     -Although I didn’t beat last year’s time, I did have a negative split race and a blast running (and training) with my friend!

Detox the diet

     -I started and ended the month doing well with this, but lost sight in the middle.  I am hoping that warmer weather, an upcoming trip, and the farmer’s market will promote this goal moving forward.

Update my recipe page

     -It’s been started and hopefully won’t take too long!

***Edited to addwrite summer bucket list!

     -Now that my work schedule has changed, the BOY and I will have plenty of day for local day trips, playing tennis, and other things on our summer list of fun!


June Goals

-Cook more meals (and use local in season produce…especially veggies)!

-Have a successful first triathlon of the year!

-Continue working on the blog’s Recipe Page

-Have fun!



What should I buy for a garmin?

12 thoughts on “So, It’s June…

  1. I have a 310XT. It was the first “triathlon” Garmin. Basically you could swim in it. Since, they have made a 910XT which is better for swimming. Depends on if you want it just for running. A Garmin can do so much depending on the model. There are basic ones and high end ones. Depending on what you want to use it for and how much you want to spend are going to be the factors. Good luck!!

    • Leslie…thanks for the insight. I haven’t even started looking and appreciate the tips. The main thing I want it for his running but I used to use my HRM in the pool and was always interested to see where my HR was. Hmm…lots to think about.

    • OMG! It was wonderful! My three girl friends who all have kids came over for a husband and kid free night. We haven’t had that much interrupted time in years and old stories and college photos definitely came out 🙂

  2. OH MY gosh I am so jealous about your upcoming trip!! That is amazing!! SO exciting! I love the idea of a girls sleepover, I wanna comeeee!! My Garmin is a 110, I chose that one because I wanted to be able to use it as a “regular” watch too for everyday use!! Any kind you get though you will love!! Mine is going on almost two years strong now!

    • That is good to hear. I need to go to the Garmin store with my next paycheck! You are always welcome here…since I live with a boy I love girl’s nights! Wine and (vegan) sweets provided!

  3. Israel?!? That will be awesome. Perfect timing for a trip! I am in the market for a new Garmin (mine is ancient), but I couldn’t decide on which one I wanted. Instead of buying something just for the sake of having it, I decided on a Polar HRM to hold me over until I find a Garmin I want. So far, I’m loving my Polar FT40. 🙂

  4. Your trip to Israel sound amazing! So excite for you! Can’t wait to read your posts about it 🙂

    I love my Garmin 910XT. It’s probably a bit excessive, but I love that I can see my run pace, heart rate, ascent/descent, swim pace and a bunch of other things. A friend of mine has the Forerunner 10 and it doesn’t have a very long battery life, so I’d definitely go up a step from that (to the 110 or 210). And, the 310XT works for triathlon; a friend of mine has it and loves it. Happy GPS shopping! 🙂

    • Erin, this is exactly what I needed. I haven’t had the time to do any investigative work. The excessive one sounds perfect and I’m thinking of asking the family for an early Bday gift!

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