Forced Taper

Flannel jammies at noon?  You know what that means!  I’m sick!

I have a wicked sore throat, most likely not strep, but my doctor thinks it’s a virus.  Plus, the sore throat has made falling asleep tough, so I am exhausted after a few sleepless nights!  I am spent Wednesday on the couch drinking  tea and watching DVR.




There are also blogs to read and books to order on Amazon (dangerous), and most likely a nap!  Most of the day the sky poured buckets, which explains my sinus headache and inability to string together words for a blog post.  For dinner, the BOY and I ordered some Chinese food delivery.  Wow, this is one lazy day!  I have a feeling tomorrow and Friday will be just as relaxed as I am hoping to kick this virus before the upcoming long weekend.  Hope you are well!  Have a happy hump day!

20 thoughts on “Forced Taper

  1. Oh no!! I hope you feel better soon. I like to take airborne a couple times a day when I am feeling bad. It might be all in my head but it makes me feel better!!

  2. […] Finally…I am feeling a little better and stronger and ready to tackle tomorrow’s 10 mile run!  This is my third year doing this super fun race, and I swear they made it even earlier this year, which means I should really be heading to bed.  The BOY and I are spending Saturday and possibly Sunday night downtown.  Fingers crossed, it doesn’t rain too hard! […]

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