A bike and a Swim {Minus the Swim}

After falling asleep to intense thunderstorms and lightening last night, I was amazed to wake up with the sun shining through our bedroom window.  This morning’s workout plan was a 30 minute bike ride and a 15 minute swim at the Park Center.  However, with the sun beaming, I decided last minute to ride my bike to the gym and then swim and ride home.  I was so eager to try these Apple Eggie Cups (my new name for breakfast) that I devoured the first one without even thinking about a picture.




I peeled the second one from the paper (they got a bit stuck) and then drizzled it with almond butter.




I quickly rearranged my clothes for the morning and with a huge smile on my face, went outside to prep my bike.




It was a gorgeous 60 degrees and as I pedaled along towards the gym, I imagined that this was my commute thinking about how happy that would make me.  Not of course if I was commuting my current 30 miles on the highway, but if I could find a job where riding my bike each morning was possible.


IMAG2513   IMAG2514


The Park Center is an easy 1.5 mile bike ride through two neighborhoods.  With about 1/2 mile to go, I noticed a funny noise coming from my bike.  When I pulled into the Park Center, I started examining my back tire.  I could hear what sounded like air, but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.




Finally, my eyes settled on a HUGE nail sticking out of my tire.  In my last 4 years of riding, I have never had a nail in the tire and I wasn’t exactly sure what to do.  Part of me (ok, most of me) wanted to head inside and go for a swim. I mean, I just rode my bike in a bathing suit, that should count for something.  But a small part of me knew that with air leaking, I would return after my swim to a completely flat tire.  And with the BOY snoozing away at home, my rescue options were slim.




Instead, I got back on my bike heading for home.  I made it 1 mile before the tire actually got flat at which point, I got off and started to walk my bike.  With about 2 blocks to go, my tire got so flimsy it was falling off the bike.  For fear of putting pressure on the rim and ruining the actual wheel, I decided to carry my bike the last 2 blocks home.




That has to count for an arm workout…right?




My back tire is in pretty bad shape, so I flipped my bike up side down in the garage and headed inside for a shower and a green smoothie. The BOY was already planning to do me a huge favor by taking my road bike to the shop today, so when he woke up, I asked him to strap this one onto the car too.  I know that I won’t last long with both bikes out of commission, and I need my hybrid from Bike the Drive this weekend.  Although I missed my swim, it might be for the best as I have had a bit of a cough all weekend.  Plus, I got to enjoy some quiet down time this morning for a smoothie and blogging before going into work.



Have you ever had a nail in your tire?

Car or Bike?



This whole incident reminded me of our flat tire in Florida last year!

17 thoughts on “A bike and a Swim {Minus the Swim}

  1. Ohh no on the nail!! That has not happened to me thankfully!! I would loveee a job that I can commute to. I need a bike…I am stalling on buying one because I want it to be perfect!

    • Don’t stall too long because this is the best season for riding : ) I did a little research before buying my hybrid bike. It is my fave because I can take it anywhere…streets, trails, the city and TREK has required minimum maintenance!

  2. Unfortunately I have had both! The bike was much easier because DH has an entire bike repair shop in our basement, complete with every tool you could need and lots of tubes and tires(bikes are his hobby and working on them -a love). The car had to go to the shop 😦

    • Yes…I think the bike is much easier! My boy had it all fixed up yesterday but we had to bring it in because I have NO IDEA how to fix that stuff. Next time I will be stopping by DH’s basement : )

  3. Yes that counts as your arm work-out for sure! Nails are the worst. When I was living right in downtown boston, I got nails in one of my car tires 3 months straight. 3 flats in 3 months=horrible! I’m glad you were within walking distance from home and hope it’s fixed soon. Your Apple eggie cups look delicious!

  4. That a huge nail! Bummer! I’ve had flats on my road bike and a nail in my car, and it’s not fun. Hope both your bikes are fixed asap! 🙂

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