Tidbits of Saturday

Wake up (kind of), roll over, open eyes, blink at alarm clock, 9:30! No Way!!!

Consider going back to sleep, see the BOY smiling next to me, realize that I really should get up.

Stare at pantry considering breakfast, based on options, decide to make pancakes, sprinkle them with cinnamon.




Change into biking clothes, apply sunscreen, fill water bottles, prepare fuel for BRICK.




Don helmet, reset watch, reset mileage, ride out towards the path.

Ride north towards Barrington, enjoy the fresh air, smile and nod at fellow bikers, turn around and head back towards home.




Enjoy the green trees and cool breeze. 




Ride 16.75 miles in 70 minutes, which is longer than expected.

Arrive home, ditch helmet, change shoes, head back outside.




Adjust 30 minute run to 20 minutes for time’s sake, return to the path, legs feel tired, but body feels strong.

Finish 20 minute run covered in sweat, drink cold water, cool down, take a shower.

Make lunch, lucky to have random leftovers of turkey burgers and lentils.




Drink lots of water, pack up a snack (cantaloupe), and drive to the movie theater.

Order an iced tea, get comfy in seat, remember why I love this theater.




Watch Star Trek movie, this is a GOOD movie, you should go see this movie!

Movie is over, must use the bathroom after drinking huge iced tea, pick up wine of the month at Cooper’s Hawk.

Drive home, take a few minutes to chill out, get ready for dinner, watch the Preakness, get excited about seafood.




Decide to wear white before memorial day, haters need not comment.

Drive to Bob Chinn’s, get excited about no line, sit down, order dinner, and chat with the BOY.




Love every bite of dinner, drive back home, crack open wine, and sit out back listening to music and chatting with the neighbors.




Is there any better way to end the day?





Share a tidbit from your Saturday!

11 thoughts on “Tidbits of Saturday

  1. Sounds like a great Saturday, I love being outdoors as much as possible on the weekend. I say rock the white girl!!
    On Saturday I had a great hil-run and a surprise party for a friend. Good food and great friends, always a great combination! Have a great Sunday!

  2. That’s my kind of Saturday! Nice job on your brick! After thunderstorms moved through, I got one in yesterday, too 🙂

    • Somehow we missed the rain, but I hear it is coming. This has been a great weekend in general because we had nothing planned and got to hang out. This morning, I finally made it to yoga!

  3. wow what a day…. left house before 5am, dropped DH at airport, went to work, went to city, went to athleta, walked 4.5 miles, drank wine, ate thai, went to bed 10pm… GREAT DAY!

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