Five for Friday IV

1. Thanks for your amazing comments on my Why I Love Triathlons Post.  That was such an easy and fun post to write, and I hope that I inspired at least one person to give the sport a tri!



2.  The BOY made turkey burgers on the grill for dinner tonight.  Can I tell you how awesome it is to walk in the door after a long week of work (and a bad commute) and have him heading out to the grill to make us dinner?!





3. Things have been a little crazy around here, and I currently have a pile of clothes from turtlenecks to shorts and tanks on our guest bed that needs to be addressed this weekend.  The BOY and I have a day of closet cleaning and clothing donation ahead of us.  Sounds like fun…right?



4. This week in workouts, I went swimming for 30 minutes on Tuesday (then sat in the hot tub for a good 10 minutes) and continued to break in my new running shoes with a 40 minute run on Thursday.  Weather permitted, I have a BRICK planned for tomorrow.  I am digging my new shoes and hoping they are ready for the Soldier Field 10 Miler next weekend.





5.  I booked our next trip to Door County (in August), and I seriously can’t wait!  We enjoyed our dinner with some wine from our favorite winery in DC.  It was soo smooth and delicious!  We need to get back and restock!





Tell me something about your Friday!

18 thoughts on “Five for Friday IV

  1. Ooh, the turkey burger looks delish! Glad your shoes are breaking in well and you’re liking them. I’ve had nothing but good luck with Brooks shoes. Something about my Friday: today I didn’t have to work and I got in the most glorious, fantastic nap. Good luck sorting through your closets this weekend!

    • Oh…I do love me a good nap! Today was a great day to be home, so I am definitely jealous! I love Brooks shoes and found my first light weight pair to be easier to adjust to than expected. We’ll see what happens at mile 6…ha ha!

  2. Coming home to dinner ready to eat = best thing ever, especially on a Friday! My Friday… 2,400-yard swim and finally catching up on my bloglovin’ feed! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  3. 1.30% coupon at Kohls… and a new dress for $18!!
    2. having eggies with DD
    3.anticipating Saturday in the city with DS’s GF (all these letters are confusing!) walking, eating and shopping at Athleta!
    4. measuring the new office space and deciding where my desk will go
    5.16,000 steps… go mom, go mom!
    But, DD… how could you not mention your amazing braid and looking like a junior high kid as one of your top 5 for Friday? !!

  4. I was you on Friday – baked 2 amazing loaves of banana blueberry bread! enjoying same with a comforting cup, gazing at our glorious lilac bushes & listening to the the birds….ahhhh….please let me know when you’re going to Door, I’ll try and be on the island then too & maybe we could bike, swim, and share a glass together! I would just LOVE IT!

  5. While I loveeee love love making dinner for myself, there is something so special about someone else making it for you!! ESPECIALLY after a long day!

  6. Wine always makes Fridays better! My hubby and I went to my most favorite restaurant for dinner on Friday!! I have always wanted to go to Door County. Looks amazing.

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